Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Vaccination supplement

I have spent the past few days arguing with myself on whether to have a medical examination by a civil surgeon prior to the AOS interview or not. I was told by a friend who had her interview then was asked to undergo a medical exam, which caused delay in the approval of her AOS. But she told me that she had to take anti-PTb prophylaxis for 3 months.

The INS website says that:

2. Ks: If you were admitted to the United States as a finacee (K-1), child of a fiancee (K-2), Spouse of a U.S. citizen (K-3), or child of K-3 (K-4), and received a medical examination prior to admission, then you do not require another medical examination as long as your application for adjustment of status (Form I-485) is filed within one year of your overseas medical examination. You will, however, be required to submit a vaccination supplement with your adjustment of status application. The vaccination supplement must be completed by a designated civil surgeon.

My interview notice says:

If you have not already submitted it, bring a completed medical examination (Form I-693) and vaccination supplement in a sealed envelope.

Putting them together,

I came with a K-1 visa, and submitted my medical exam to the INS officer at the port of entry.

I filed my application for AOS June 12, 2004. I had my medical exam July 4, 2003, which would be valid for AOS application filing purposes up to July 4, 2004. I take it I do not need to undergo another medical examination.

I had incomplete vaccination in PI and had a waiver because of insufficient time. I continued my vaccinations during my last months of stay there. Now I have to present to the INS a vaccination supplement signed by the civil surgeon, but I have to show him first my records of vaccination, both from the St. Luke (vaccination documentation worksheet) and from my personal physician.

I hope I am making the right move. Medical exam here can cost anywhere from $175-350 depending on the extent of the tests as determined by the CS. Signing of the vaccination supplement, on the other hand, is only $10, granting that the requirements are already met. If there's a need for additional vaccines, a Td vaccine is another $10, a Hepa A (not routinely required of adults 19-50 y.o.) costs $64, and so on. I called the nearest designated civil surgeon (got it from the INS website) for the figures.

I am preparing myself in case the CS requires me to undergo the whole med exam. I have printed the above quote from INS website, ready to show my receipt and x-ray film (left with me at the POE) that shows my previous medical, my AOS interview notice (showing my filing date) to rebuff whatever attempts the CS might want to make more money (if he does intend to; I have heard of such stories). I am going to tell him that if the INS will require me to undergo another med exam, then I will come back to him for such.

I think that's wise for me, and fair enough for him.