Friday, October 06, 2006

Endorsement and Verification

Well, I have received my license from Vermont BON, then I proceeded to do the verification through Nursys as instructed on Maine's BON re endorsement. Nursys could be done (supposedly) online or by mail. Because I wanted to expedite things, I chose to do the online thing.

Well, my name was not in their database...yet. The reason (according to FAQ) is that for new nurses, it usually take 4 WEEKS to get the info into the system!

I figured it might be better to go through the snail mail route. I had cashier's checks prepared for both entities concerned, mailed the snail mails for both agencies. the one going to Maine BON contained not only the application form, copy of my license, and the fee payment, but also certified copies of my TOR and RLE. I hope I missed nothing.

Now I will just wait for approval for endorsement, then I would be all set to work as a nurse here with a temporary 90-day validity license as RN.

Problem is, I want to visit my mom in Canada (with my older sister) first before I go working full time. I have submitted an application to the PCGNY for renewal of my passport. As soon as I receive it, I will schedule a flight to Burnaby.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

LP 14: A La Espanyola - Panaderya

Panaderya, hurnuhan, pan de sal, pan de coco, pan de limon, biscocho -- it is obvious that these terms are of Spanish origin. If there was a certain Spanish influence in our foods that touched my life greatly and early, it was the staple bread and rolls that we Filipinos have during breakfast and merienda, the ones typically sold at the bakeries just around the corner every two or three blocks in a relatively congested area in Metro Manila.

My father started "working" as a tricycle driver in MM, and was delivering baked goods (especially pan de sal) to houses in the wee hours of the morning. The bakery was in Bagong Pag-asa in Quezon City where I lived as a child. My father had this dream of putting up his own bakery someday, and he took me once on a "tour" of the bakery, which was then using the old-fashioned brick-style oven that was as big as a wall, with a hole big enough to maneuver a baking pan easily.

My father was able to raise enough money to buy his own oven (the modern-style made of metal, not brick), and some baking tools like the wooden dough cutter, and a dough boat (yeah, the bakers knead dough as big as 4 big pillows combined, and had muscles and bodybuilt that could qualify for bodybuilding competition). Since it was meant to be for commercial purposes, everything looked big to me, and I kinda stereotyped baking doughs as a manly thing.

At first we only made pan de sal, with our workshop within our apartment unit, but there was such a great demand, we expanded and had to rent another apartment unit along a busier road, and also put up a general merchandise store. We added and added more staple breads and rolls, and had a display of baked goods which were pang-masa that typically would include ensaymada, Spanish bread, pan de coco, monay, pan de limon, pianono (?) ( a jelly roll-type of bread although this one we made then had no jelly; I am not sure what the filling was, but it was one of my favorites), "kababayan", biscocho,

Friday, September 29, 2006

I have received my certificate!

I got it...from State of Vermont. It felt kinda weird to see my name Lxxx Txxxxxxx, RN (instead of the Lxxx Gxxxxxxxxx, MD). I will get used to it, I know.

Next step: Apply for endorsement to the state of Maine BON, with application also for verification via Nursys.

Meanwhile, I should prepare my (functional) resume...

I feel daunted...I admit. How will the US nurses perceive and treat me (a previous foreign MD). Well, if I indeed feel that they are discriminating against me and making my RN life miserable, I just might consider pursuing the MD path, and later look them in the eye and...(let your imagination run).

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I have just passed the NCLEX

Now I am just waiting for my certificate. I want to take ACLS/PALS certification programs but they require I attend the prep first. That would amount to $440.

I wonder if I can apply for a job even without a certificate yet?

I should prepare my resume and think about applying.

UPDATE 09/29/06

I have read in a forum that some hospitals provide free training for these certification programs. Maybe I should just look into that first and save the $$. I badly need it anyway.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What's next?

I posted this question in a forum thread for MD-RNs and and also at a yahoogroup for my batch in MD-RN program:

Can anybody give me an advice on the best next step? My NCLEX was filed in another state, and I plan to seek endorsement to my current state, but my certificate will come later pa, around one month daw. Does anyone suggest that I seek employment right away while waiting for my certificate and even prior to seeking endorsement? As what (e.g., patient technician??? or should I just submit application for purposes of getting my name on file?) I am still holding on to my MT job only to see me through the waiting period, but I wonder if I should be doing something else with my time (like do you suggest I take some refresher course, or do they usually offer training in hospitals to fill in the gap in your knowledge? Or are these issues safe to discuss with the HRD? Kasi, 3 years na akong walang exposure sa clinical/hospital setting, parang napupurol na ako).


I'm sure that with the shortage of Nursing in so many states (including Maine) that you will find some hospitals there that will be willing to give you some hands-on training while waiting for your license. It does not hurt to ask HRD's as you have the upper hand with an NCLEX out of the way. Of course if you can get the basic certifications (even from Red Cross) like BLS/CPR (would help). You are a gold mine for these hospitals so they will accomodate you and many of these hospitals have their own orientation and training period as long as you tell them the areas wherein you are not confident.
Looking ahead and if you dont want to take USMLE, CRNA might be an option (but it takes a longer path). I have a sister-in-law who is an NP and they do well also.

with a followup:

This advice is golden. Consider seriously the CRNA route manang. Its longer but certainly its going to be rewarding in the long run. On getting a job as a nurse, wag ka ng mag floors (para short cut), ask around for hospitals that need ICU nurses. There are hospitals that accept even fresh graduates for ICU, this is after training them for 3 months. Shop around, network with filipino nurse managers, and do this for 1-2 years. During your stay in the ICU, pass the CCRN, mani na lang yan sayo dahil MD tayo. Most CRNA school prefer CVICU experience (kasi dito me Swan cath, intra aortic baloon pump, lots of pressors, arterial lines etc.....) trabaho mo parang intern sa Pilipinas.

After 1-2 years, you can apply to CRNA school, mandatory kasi 1 year ICU experience. Impress them during interviews. You need to pass din pala the GRE (kayang kaya to! dont worry bout it! kung kaya nga ng mga 40 year old na puti mas kaya mo!). The CCRN is a certification for Critical Care Nursing, kayang kaya din ito. Same principle din ang application for schools, parang MLE apply broadly and early so you have more interviews.

Now for tuition fees, you can loan them. School is around 2 1/2 years parang residency na walang bayad. With the salary the CRNA makes, sus wala pang kalahating taon bayad na loan mo. Tutal when you are doing ICU experience, me sweldo kana, medyo mataas pa nga ata ang rate mo kesa floor nurses, pwede ka ng mag-ipon, if you dont have family restrictions, overtime ng overtime para makaipon at makabawi!

After school theres a certification exam, boards ba...Again, we've been there, your experience as an MD should help you. Of course this is not to say you dont have to study. This is serious stuff for them, so take it seriously din.

I know you can make it! Proud of all the MD-RN's who take up this route!

The thing about being an NP, oks lang pero sa halos same time commitment with school pero lower pay parin siya compared to CRNA, there's also the issue of respectability. We'll yeah this is just me. I figured kasi kung pareho lang ang pagod e dun kana sa mas more compensated ka.

Mahaba nato.....Sige manang congratulations and goodluck to your future endeavors....

Another advice:

I do not know if pareho ang situation natin, but when I passed the NCLEX last year I cannot get my licince as wala pa akong SSS no at tourist lang ako so with the Notice fron the BON that I passed I walked in to some big Medicval centers and asked if they could pititioin me and when finally one of them responded and had thier corporate lawyer work on my application, I got my work permit and that is the time I got my licence, mentime I took PALS, BLS and NRP to wjile my time.

I have looked into certification programs for ACLS/PALS...and of course, employment opps in nearby hospitals and their requirements.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

It is unofficially out!

gotta have a new plan for a new career...

Sunday, August 20, 2006


I was singing videoke with my kids this afternoon, then suddenly the image of Banig performing and winning in the International Star Search popped into my head. I had the idea of trying to see a video of her in You Tube. So I saw this video.
It was fun to see her evoloving through the years, up to age 16, then I wondered what has become of her after that.
A search for Banig videos did not give me much, until I checked out the other videos uploaded by doubleplayent (who uploaded this one), and I got a glimpse of Banig the Diva.
I wish there were videos of whole songs that she sang during those moments as shows in this video clips. They will surely give me the goose bumps.
I checked out but it seems outdated. I would like to have a Video CD of her albums (if there is any, instead of just an audio CD).
Banig has truly grown up to be a very sultry pop singer. I won't be surprised if she had now become a wife/mother. Any white (or black) male will surely have the hots for her, given her looks and talents. I noticed also from the links in her (outdated) website that there is a Japanese site (though I could not understand) devoted to her, so it is indeed a possibility that she finally made her vows.
Googling her name either as Banig or as Josephine Roberto did not help much in my search for an update on her.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Filipina MD turned researcher

I feel so proud of being an online friend of Dr. Florita C. Henderson, another MD (worked as GP in England before she married her then boyfriend, an American). She now lives in Iowa, and has been working in Univ of I as a researcher. Her first paper where she is the first author (there have been papers where she had been a contributor, of course) is:

Proapoptotic effects of P. aeruginosa involve inhibition of surfactant phosphatidylcholine synthesis

Click on the link to see the abstract as featured in Journal of Lipid Research. Mabuhay ang mga Pinay!

Congratulations are also in order for her being a new mom since June, having given birth prematurely (probably out of work-related stress) to a tisay (Hay, inggit ako!)

I hope I can someday find a research-related job where I can apply my medical knowledge, so as to avoid a mediocre career. The main problem is my location...rural Maine? Malabo...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I had my second road test today...

The first time I had my road test, I had so many goof-offs. Well, I knew I had little practice. I had enough long-distance (well, 15 miles is long enough for me as a permit holder) driving practice, but I knew I needed more exposure to the busy streets downtown. As expected, I failed the first. But my in-laws said they, too, had to take the test either two or three times before they had their licenses. Okay, that made me feel better. I was not alone. My friends also had to take the road test twice or thrice. My MIL believes nobody gets it the first time.

Okay, so it was my second time today. I still did not have much practice, and truth be known, I had little enthusiasm practising in the interim, because I was still trying to squeeze in time to study for NCLEX and take care of the family and help Gary with the kitchen.

I was ready to fail again this time. We went out two hours earlier than my schedule for a brief practice downtown, and some practice on parallel parking and pulling up. During my first road test, I did good on parallel parking, although I mostly used the side mirror and rearview mirror, which I had been using perfectly in backing up. After I failed that test, the officer told me to always look behind over my right shoulder while backing up ALL THE WAY until I stopped. Oops, Gary never corrected me on that. I had to retrain myself to use the "looking my right shoulder to see the back" method, which I only did this morning, when doing the backing up straight and parallel parking. So many tries and frustrations. We finally went to the office 10 minutes prior to my schedule. The officer was there waiting for someone. When Gary got off the car to talk to him, he came back to me, telling me that the officer had to test one other applicant before he could attend to me. So I had to wait.

I had some anxiety vented off during the waiting time, I actually got teary eyed. I was ready to fail because I knew I had little practice, but I could care less because I had to pass my NCLEX more than this within a limited time (I have up to Sep 5 for that, while I could re-take the road test as many times as I need to. Maybe that waiting period and venting did some to calm me down. I was a bit laughing about some silly nonsense we were talking about, like our cat Midnight. By the time the officer was ready for me, I was a bit more calm.

I tried to relax, and I did...somehow. I avoided hyperventilating and concentrated on other motorists, much in the same way I would drive when with Gary. Went through the same downtown streets which were busy with construction and all cars coming from every direction. I managed to stay or end up in the right lane, stop where I should, wait where I should (sometimes over did it, being too cautious, but that was no big deal to the officer). I had some forgivable mistakes when I forgot to turn my right signal on when he asked me to pull up behind a car on the right (where he asked me later to back up straight until he told me to stop). But I did remember to signal when I did the same thing (pulling up) in front of the office when we finally went back to it. I did remember to let another car into my lane before proceeding, remembered who had the right of way, etc. , etc.

I PASSED!!!! I now hold a temporary license and have to have my picture taken before Sept 10th for the license.


No, I won't spend the following weeks trying to acquaint myself with the roads and the town. I will stay at home and study for NCLEX (that is one item ticked off my to-do list). I have rescheduled that for Aug (because I had been dividing the past month between kids and garden and kitchen building, the past days being spent mostly on mudding and sanding. Gary applied the first coat of primer today. I (and the kids) still have to clean the whole house to rid it of the fine dust particles that have landed on most surface and which will linger for quite some time in the air. Particularly affected was the living room, which is most contiguous with the kitchen. Since I did not (and had none anyway) cover the furnitures with linen, we have to vacuum them all, wash the removable covers, remove the furnitures , vacuum the floor, wipe and mop it before putting all furnitures back in. Then I can study for NCLEX.

It's so good and considerate of Ana to offer to have the kids with her so I can study during days.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Betcha by golly bow-wow-wow!  Natanggap ko na ang NCLEX ATT ko!Ads by  I received the email from Pearson-Vue, and the ATT was attached, valid from 6/7/2006 to 9/5/2006!

Nangangatog ang tuhod ko!

I have to take a break from blogging, and concentrate on review.  Work in the mornings, review in the afternoons.

I might even stop working in the garden, but that is quite a good diversion after long hours of studying. 

Arrgh!  I do not really know what to do!  I hope to finish at least the Saunder's Comprehensive Review within a month, then practise answering test questions the rest of the time.  The earlier I finish, the better.

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

VR bloopers

Initials are the VR draft - regular are the corrections

jammed fibers ill 600 mg
- gemfibrozil 600 mg

denies drinking alcohol. The hernial legal drug use - denies drinking alcohol or any illegal drug use

apparently her vehicle guardian - apparently her legal guardian

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Applying for NCLEX

This post is for those who, like me, have joined the bandwagon of MD-RNs and are already in the US, trying to see the fastest way to get licensed. I first saw the "quickest way" in a forum but that pointed out to the NY way for those who are residing abroad.

I asked about my case, because I am already a permanent resident. And the suggestion by the generous lady there was for me to inquire at Vermont instead of NY, which I did. I went to the and clicked on the drop down menu for nursing, then clicked on application link for foreign nurses. I emailed the contact personnel.

Here was the exchange of emails:


Dear Ms. Patty Sartelle:

I am a Filipino immigrant who finished my nursing course in October 2003 in the Philippines, but did not have enough time to take the licensure examination there because of immigration processing. I now hold a permanent resident status and would like to pursue a career in nursing here.

I visited your website to see the requirements for foreign nurses, but one of them is the license from the country of origin. Kindly advise me on the next step I should take to proceed.

Appreciatively yours,

You have up to 5 years to take the exam. If you took you nursing courses in English than you may qualify to take the exam. The application is on the web at go to drop down bar, nursing and the application that you need is foreign exam/endorsement – where it calls for licensure just put the date you graduated and that you never took the exam in the Philippines. Pat


Dear Ms. Sartelle:

I have browsed over the application instructions, and I have a question about #3 where the nursing school is to complete the" Verification of Education" form and it says to return the form along with a certified copy of the Transcript. My question is, will the school return the form to you, or will I have to ask them to return it to me first then I will include these with the other documents that I will submit to your office?

Thank you for your patience.


I prefer that they return it to you and you forward the complete application onto me. Pat

So I have asked my friend AJ in the PI (another MD-RN) to process my papers (the application form from Vermont BON site) and send them to me. I then submitted my Application, the fee ($150 on check), the TOR, and then later, they asked for my documents showing hours of lab and theoreticals (which was what we termed in PI as RLS - related learning subjects?). I should have included those in the first place, but it was not mentioned in the application instructions, so I did not think of it. I included other documents that would prove my identity since my name on the TOR was different from my present name.

It took them about a total of 1month to process everything (considering the delay regarding my RLS, that was fast!). When I received my approval to sit for NCLE, I was instructed to register at Pearson-Vue ($200) then to mail them back a form to tell them that I had registered. Then they would send a notice to PV about my eligiblity to sit for the NCLEX, then I could schedule my test.

So now, puspusan ako with my NCLEX review (dilly-dally kasi eh!)

I bought the following books from amazon:

More books (USMLE, Kaplan, etc.) are available at amazon. You can search for new and used ones using the below search engine.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Got the go-signal for NCLEX!

I just received a mail from the Vermont Board of Nursing, that I am eligible to take the NCLEX  (Yehey!!! No need for the CGFNS!).  So I registered at Pearson-Vue and Paid $200.  Then I will have to return a paper to the BON to notify them that I have registered.  Then they will inform Pearson-Vue that I am registered, and I have to take the NCLEX within 90 days from there.

Now I really have to seriously review for the exam!

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I posted in a forum about GDI as a way out of having to send money to the Philippines

This was the exchange...

Thank you for taking your time to read and respond to my post. It took me a while to weave a response to your post, because I had to suppress my initial reaction of rage, and so I hope the below post is civil enough. I apologize beforehand if it may sound condescending. My intent is to clarify my lack of desire to involve people in a "scheme."

JamboME wrote:
You sign your family up for a pyramid scheme? Nice.
I signed up my sister so she can have a job.

The job: Promote webhosting services for personal or business use.

Potential clients/market: Small business owners in PI (clinics with branches; small private hospitals; crafts-related industry; specialty stores, etc.; private use by people who want to put up their own website to feature weddings, baptismal, and other significant events in their lives. (Examples of businesses in PI which have their own websites are and

Their options: Either continuously pay ~P 500/month to keep the website online and running, or get back the money by actively participating in the referral system (which you call pyramid scheme).

For a free start-up, I now have a business, with monthly expense of $10/month, with my own website and free use of website building tool and URL forwarding. I plan to employ my sister (since she will be jobless by the end of this month) to market the webhosting service GDI provides, instead of plainly sending her $200/month (I will lessen what I send to my mother). If she turns out to be successful, I might not have to be her "employer" (no longer need to send her money) after several months, and she might not have to do marketing while still earning. I will also task her to find a freelance website designer, who can offer his web design services to potential clients for a one-time fee (up to him how much he will charge), if clients do not know/intend to build their own website.

Now if other people there in PI will do the same thing, I might be indirectly contributing to job production in my country, with a mere investment of $10 for the business itself and my sister's salary of $200/month (which I would still give nonetheless if I have not come across this opportunity). Meaning, if more people there will sign up to market the webhosting services to business owners, and more people will see the need for web designers, I am sure it will fill in a void in the job market for these type of workers.

JamboME wrote:
I believe the secret to riches in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) (ie pyramid schemes) is to be the one who starts the idea. Collect $1 for every new person that signs up. New members collect $1 for every new member they sign up etc etc etc.
Yeah, that is the secret to riches. But I do not want to be rich. I just want to earn a little extra, and would want my sister to do the same. If it turns out to be highly successful by virtue of this "pyramid scheme," then that would be an added bonus.

JamboME wrote:
I know it seems easy for someone outside to just dismiss the idea offhand, but thats because these are so easy to spot.
I signed up because it was a free trial, and during that period, I had a chance to observe and see the potential of the business. I myself tried to build my own website, and I liked what I saw, hence, the decision to give it a try. I can cancel anytime, anyway, but I doubt, because I have also enrolled in other affiliate programs which I will be advertising in my website.

I also think I have more imagination than most people who see such "pyramid schemes" in such a shallow manner. I always try to investigate things, and while some people have become rich concentrating on the pyramid scheme itself, I focus on the product and service and see if there is a need for such. I do not expect to make much if only based on the pyramid compensation plan.

JamboME wrote:
A company that cannot succinctly describe their product or service in one paragraph on their home page is not worth a second look.
Since I am now legally allowed to market the webhosting services, I treat myself "the company" and in one sentence, here is my product/service:
We offer webhosting services with website builder tool at no start-up cost and free trial period of 7 days.

JamboME wrote:
You seem like an intelligent, educated person with a good job.
Thank you for that observation. I am also beautiful and slim...Haha! Kidding! Modesty aside, I am a physician by profession when I was in PI, a blogger by hobby, a wannabe website builder, a work-at-home medical transcriptionist quality assurance personnel by trade here in the USA. While my income in my job is not that high, it is above average for the residents in this rural area where I live since my employer hires people from all over US, and because I work from home using the internet, I do not have expenses for gasoline, wardrobe, and make-up, unless they are non-work-related.

JamboME wrote:
I believe you have already lost your investment, and are putting more in every month. Put your cash in a proper investment, or invest in your OWN business venture (not someone elses idea).
I believe otherwise. Because of putting up my own website with my own domain, I realized there are a lot of other residual income that I can get involved with, businesses where I do not even have to be awake and will still earn, at no cost.

JamboME wrote:
If you can afford to send $300/month, you are doing pretty good! How many people in the PI will that feed?
I work and my husband work. Living in a rural area with low cost of living, living a simple life devoid of luxuries like SUVs, fancy vacations, fancy wardrobe, or a fancy home, not engaging in vices such as alcohol, drugs, or gambling, we do make enough and then some.

azcactus wrote:
Hey I have one question for you? Who was sending your family $300 a month fron the USA before you did? Just curious.
Pardon me if I am wrong, but I sense that your question is tinged with malice, and as such, initially I did not intend to answer it, but then I thought, why not?

To satisfy your curiosity, I worked as a physician then. My sister was a marketer for imported beef. I was a widow with two sons, she a separated mother with two children. Together we worked almost like husband and wife. As a physician, I was making a little bit more the $300 a month, enough to pay for monthly bills and groceries and give some to my parents, but not enough to buy myself a car.(See

WE DID NOT NEED ANYONE TO SEND US MONEY, although when I was in college, my aunt who lives in California, married to another Pinoy who works in the US Navy, was sending me money to pay for my tuition in University of the Philippines Diliman. When I was studying for my medical degree, she did not have to send me help, because I had an academic scholarship. (See

I tried to put up my own clinic, but it was hard to start. It was then that I took a second course in nursing, to join the bandwagon of MD-RNs. (See During that time, I met my then fiance on the internet. My fiance was a divorcee with a daughter, is intelligent, very capable, not wordly, simple, loving, and only 5 years my senior. He was unemployed when I met him; nevertheless, I fell in love with him. We fell in love with each other and are now happy with our blended family.

Now I only have one wish that I want to fulfill: help generate jobs for Pinoys.

(At first, I thought I needed to be wealthy before I can do that, but now, maybe I can start with this webhosting service by GDI.)

One other affiliate program (which, to me, is another form of economic pyramid, whether you accept it or not) which I enrolled in recently is where I purchase my phone cards online ($5 for 41 minutes to Metro Manila landline, 25 minutes for cellphone)). I buy 4 $5-denominations to get a discount. I will also put that in my website.

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Strep Throat and Vaginal Candidiasis

More than a week ago, I diagnosed myself with Strep sore throat (streptococcal pharyngitis). It started with painful swallowing, right-sided cervical (neck) lymph node tenderness, and, when viewed on the mirror, right tonsil was inflamed (red) with some tiny pinpoint exudates (white spots). I was also starting to feel muscle pains on my thighs (the kind of soreness when you have sudden physical effort exerted). The next day it got worse, and the exudates were more and larger. The right one was also getting affected. Body aches and joints pains spread quite fast, involving headache. I knew it was another bout of strep.

Of course, even without the benfits of lab, it was easy to treat -- penicillin type of medications, first in line is amoxicillin. Can be intramuscular penicillin (one shot) or other penicillin-type antibiotics like cefalexin.

But, since I am not a licensed physician here in the US, I have to seek consultation with one to get the Rx, which I did, and the throat swab confirmed my diagnosis. I spent $60 for the cosultation, inclusive of the $15 lab test, which were unnecessary but inevitable expenses for me when I only needed a valid prescription (that is what a miss in my life in PI. Then the cefalexin (Duracef) was $70 for the 10-day course of treatment (it was cheaper when I had the penicillin shot at $50 At Reddington Fairview General Hospital when I went there during emergency hours. The bill then was higher because of the "emergency" hours. (It is cheaper to go to a clinic at an appointment. Our family clinic, Skowhegan Family Medicine, could immediately accomodate us usually, if we call during office hours on weekdays. Hence, when I had my symptoms on Thursday night that progressed the next day, I did not waste time. I called them rather than go to ER during weekend/night. Strep is, anyway, cured only with antibiotics.

Now, I have finished the course of cefalexin, and I have a new problem, as a result of altered vaginal flora (the normal bacteria residing in the vaginal mucosa), the environment within my vaginal canal was also altered (mainly pH), and it was an opportunity for a yeast infection (moniliasis). Symptoms: pruritus (itchiness) at the vulva and perineum (private parts) plus white cottage-cheese like discharge that is adherent (you can't go wrong with that -- once you have these symptoms, and knowing the predisposing factors, you may not need a laboratory done. Treatment: Monistat or Clotrimazole are very good first line of treatment.

Of course, the best way to prevent is practising good feminine hygiene, but that was not my problem. I was predisposed to it because of my prior intake of the wide-spectrum antibiotic cefalexin.

More info on vaginal candidiasis here.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Online Businesses

My number #1 online business at present is offering my service as medical transcription quality assurance to MT companies as an independent contractor (self-employed).  IC is a glorified term for those who are "employed" without benefits.  The only perk in this job, aside from not having to travel and wear make up and buy a new set of wardrobe annually or every season, is that I get to set my own hours (that depends on the MT company, though).  Realistically speaking, it is still a sort of twisted employee-employer situation (twisted to benefit the employer).

# 2:  I recently signed up for an online business that revolves around promoting the GDI web hosting services by having my own domain/website  Sign up is free, and the service is free for a trial period of 7 days.

I am not really a business person -- I am not out to try to rake in as much money as I can.  But, after seeing and the Pinoys already involved in this business, I could see that it could be a good way for Filipinos to earn $$ without leaving the Philippines.

My sister who was a probee call center agent has found the end of her contract before this month ends.  When I talked to her about the business, she thought it might be what would save her and her children (and what would save me from feeling guilty if I would not be able to send more than I could afford to send).

And I thought it could be a good way for me to provide her a chance to be self-sufficient, instead of waiting for my monthly "padala."

For those who will be interested in this, please go to and enter manangkusinera in the access code field.  Watch the DVD and the Pinoys' testimonials.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

#3.  Another online income generator by means of blogs is joining the network of advertisers.  In my case, as evident in this post, not only am I making use of the Qumana blogging tool to make posting easier, but also to take part in their advertising scheme where I might be able to generate income by promoting websites of products related to my post.

#4. Also, I am considering of putting up an online store using my website.  I am not sure yet what to offer (suggestions would be welcome).  I just know I would not want to sell food items, as that involves a complicated set of regulations to follow (in the same way that health professions are highly regulated).  I have looked into the process of putting up an online store (filing application at the town office for "Doing Business As" and applying for a license to resell, then signing up an account with paypal to facilitate online payments).

All these are potential sources of income without me having to spend every waking moment working.

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Thursday, May 04, 2006


I have just finished editing this report.

This is why I have long since decided to be anti-circumcision and pro-intactness...There are many more other untold stories.  I myself have seen some tragic outcomes, and I could only wonder how the boy would grow up to be...Tags: , , ,

PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS:  Circumcision complication.

POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS:  Circumcision complication.

OPERATION:  Reconstructive penoplasty surgery complex.

INDICATIONS AND FINDINGS:  This 2-day-old baby boy underwent a Gomco-type circumcision earlier in the day.  Had persistent and intermittent bleeding and silver nitrate was applied.  We found that the inner prepucial skin was still in place on the glans penis.  Approximately half of the urethral meatus was exposed, but the remainder of the glans remained covered by the inner prepucial skin.  The outer penile shaft skin had approximately 1-cm length on the dorsum, but on the ventrum was possibly only 1 to 2 mm from penoscrotal junction.  By report, a Gomco clamp had been used with a 1.1 diameter "bell" and explanation has to be that a partial dorsal slit was performed and the bell portion of the Gomco clamp must have been inadvertently placed between the prepucial skin layers.

For a picture of Gomco clamp, go to  You will also learn more about the horrors of circumcision.

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This is why I have long since decided to be anti-circumcision and pro-intactness...There are many more other untold stories.  I myself have seen some tragic outcomes, and I could only wonder how the boy would grow up to be...Tags: , , ,

PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS:  Circumcision complication.

POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS:  Circumcision complication.

OPERATION:  Reconstructive penoplasty surgery complex.

INDICATIONS AND FINDINGS:  This 2-day-old baby boy underwent a Gomco-type circumcision earlier in the day.  Had persistent and intermittent bleeding and silver nitrate was applied.  We found that the inner prepucial skin was still in place on the glans penis.  Approximately half of the urethral meatus was exposed, but the remainder of the glans remained covered by the inner prepucial skin.  The outer penile shaft skin had approximately 1-cm length on the dorsum, but on the ventrum was possibly only 1 to 2 mm from penoscrotal junction.  By report, a Gomco clamp had been used with a 1.1 diameter "bell" and explanation has to be that a partial dorsal slit was performed and the bell portion of the Gomco clamp must have been inadvertently placed between the prepucial skin layers.

For a picture of Gomco clamp, go to  You will also learn more about the horrors of circumcision.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Our Newly Bought 96 Dodge Caravan

My driver's permit will expire on 06/08/06. So we were really quite in an urgent state to get a second-hand vehicle for me to practise with. We always kept our eyes on what were for sale in Uncle Henry's booklet. Last week we called several sellers, but they were all sold. This time, we could not find one that we really liked. Gary would have wanted something newer, but then we worried about those 99 Dodge Caravan allegedly having problems with transmission. Since it was basically for me to get used to driving (so that we could predict some dents/minor accidents within the first two years of me driving), we decided to go for this one. Not bad at $1500. Looked nice save for that rusty part at the bottom, smelled nice, and well-kept. The previous woman owner was a car racer (she had four trophies in her apartment to boast) so I figured she was in the know of how to take care of cars. She was also an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) so that she did not smoke, and the car smelled nice.

Everything that should be automatic was still working -- adjustment of mirrors, auto-locking mechanism, power windows, etc. Plenty of room (7-seater) with two built-in baby seats.

Of course, Gary tried it on the road before we made the purchase. He said it handled nicely. He had had experience before with a Dodge Caravan so he somehow knew what it was behind the wheel of such, and he did not find any fault while driving it.

I had my first on-the-road practice this noontime with Gary. He was predicting a major carsickness attack, but luckily I drove it smoothly enough that he did not have that repercussion. He said I was a natural, and that I would have no problems after some time of practice.

I hope so...

We plan to spend the afternoons (when he comes home) for practice sessions on the road, about 30 minutes each time (so he won't get carsick).

A new set of Logitech speakers

Last Friday we received a package which Gary had ordered from I knew he did order some computer parts to complete our computer server, which will also serve as a second computer for me to work with to maximize my time doing MT (I will work on one file while on one computer while the other computer downloads another audio file; I will have to be logged in on two accounts to do that).

So when I got the package, that was what I thought it contained. I waited for Gary to come home to open it.

When he got home, he went upstairs to my office and stopped at the hallway, told me he had a surprise for me...(I felt the same way I did when he was about to give me his Valentine's Day gift, but I could not help but wonder what it was this time...I could not remember telling him or hinting at anything that I wished to have...

And so he presented me this...
I asked him how he knew I wanted that...He said he did not know I wanted it; just that he knew I needed it.

Did I mention how thoughtful my hubby is?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

To prevent osteoporosis, women need both diet and exercise

This is what I like about my job. It is low-paying, but it is very mentally-stimulating. The only regret I have is not having enough time to read on the subjects discussed.

Anyway, I had posted before in another of my blogs about the importance of exercise supplementing diet.

Recently, my SIL noticed I had an exercise ball (aside from my elliptical) and she said, I did not have to exercise as I was already thin (to her). I told her, those were not to make me lose weight, but to keep my muscle toned. You see, muscles not used waste away (atrophy of disuse). If I continue to just sit here all day (as what my work requires), I will, in time, lose my legs' shape (which many have found to be quite sexy). I actually have been feeling aches in my upper limbs as they are most of the time in a typing position, and not subject to exercise as much as I would like them to be. I have been meaning to add dumbbells or resistance bands to my exercise gadget. I want to keep my muscle mass.

Now what has muscle got to do with bones and osteoporosis? Well, every time we use our muscles, the bones to which they are attached are put under stress. LIke I previously mentioned in another blog, there is a reaction to every action. The bones react to the stress by building mass as well.

I just thought about posting this here because I was editing a transcript where the doctor said the following:

"it is imperative for her bone health that she maintain weightbearing exercise including weights, not just using the elliptical trainer. I also discussed the importance in terms of maintaining muscle mass after the age of 50 or menopause. Once a woman loose their muscle mass, it is almost impossible for them to regain it, and the muscle mass is not only important for the basal metabolic rate and weight maintenance or control, it is also important for osteoporosis prevention, bone protection should one slip for fall, and it is also makes women over the age of 50 less likely to fall because they have better muscle strength and a better righting reflex and greater stability on their feet."

A lot of women in their 60's wonder why they have severe osteoporosis. I can only say, while it is still early and while we still are mentruating (we have enough estrogen), we drink milk (with calcium), expose ourselves to the sun (vit D activates dietary calcium for utilization by the body), and of course, exercise (our body reacts to the physical stress by building mass). Because even with the raw materials for building muscles and bones, we will not build them unless our body sees the need to (to be able to react to physical stress).

I also saw once in Discovery Science channel about astronauts who spent more than a year in space (weightless), who experience atrophy of muscles and weakening of bones (because of osteoporosis) simply because the gravity force was no longer there to stimulate these bodily structures. They came home having the need to be supported by several colleagues once alighting their space shuttle, as they could barely support themselves.

Benefits of exercise? Weight loss/maintenance is just one of them...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day Indeed!

I had been trying to make my hp photosmart 7760 work (ran out of ink; we refilled; could not work now), because I wanted to make a card for my hubby. That is usually how I remind him during this special day how much I love him. I do not want to spend money on holidays as much as possible. Call me kuripot, but these special days have been so commercialized.

I tried my old hp photosmart 7350 (I gave it to Patrick once I got hold of Gary's 7760 because he got himself a new Epson photo printer recently). Ink cartridges needed to be replaced as well. Aaaargh!

I gave up. I just thought I would make myself super bango and ganda for Gary's arrival from work. So I showered while baking chicken in mushroom soup/sour cream and cooking the Rice-A-Roni.

I was still in the bathroom brushing my teeth (in preparation for torrid kissing -- hehe), when he came. He handed me this beautifully wonderful flowers which he himself picked. I, of course, kissed him and thanked him.
Then I was waiting for the heart-shaped box of Stover Russell chocolates...nothing.

Then he led me out of the room...I was already anticipating he got me something else as a gift...I was ready to throw a fit! I wanted no luxurious spending!

Then he gave me a Valentine-decorated bag with a box that contained this:
Fujifil FinePix F10 6.3 Mega Pixels, 18.5 x total zoom, 2.5 inch LCD.

He forewarned me not to give a fit. I wanted to, but how could I? I was so pleased with this gadget (I would always prefer such things over a car, if I can help not having a car.)

Gary told me I was always able to come up with a very good picture using my obsolete digicam, so he got me a newer one of the same brand.

So this photo here is the last picture I took with my old Fujifilm FinePix 1.0 Mega Pixel digicam, which I have now handed to Patrick.

And that photo of flowers is the first I took with my brand-new digicam.

I was teasing him about drooling...his is a 4 MegaPixel Sony. While it took pictures, it was not quick enough to capture snapshots due to high-resolution.

Now, mine has better resolution, and is equipped with the technology to take snapshots without much delay despite the superior quality of photos.

I really love my husband...and my new digicam.