Sunday, August 20, 2006


I was singing videoke with my kids this afternoon, then suddenly the image of Banig performing and winning in the International Star Search popped into my head. I had the idea of trying to see a video of her in You Tube. So I saw this video.
It was fun to see her evoloving through the years, up to age 16, then I wondered what has become of her after that.
A search for Banig videos did not give me much, until I checked out the other videos uploaded by doubleplayent (who uploaded this one), and I got a glimpse of Banig the Diva.
I wish there were videos of whole songs that she sang during those moments as shows in this video clips. They will surely give me the goose bumps.
I checked out but it seems outdated. I would like to have a Video CD of her albums (if there is any, instead of just an audio CD).
Banig has truly grown up to be a very sultry pop singer. I won't be surprised if she had now become a wife/mother. Any white (or black) male will surely have the hots for her, given her looks and talents. I noticed also from the links in her (outdated) website that there is a Japanese site (though I could not understand) devoted to her, so it is indeed a possibility that she finally made her vows.
Googling her name either as Banig or as Josephine Roberto did not help much in my search for an update on her.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Filipina MD turned researcher

I feel so proud of being an online friend of Dr. Florita C. Henderson, another MD (worked as GP in England before she married her then boyfriend, an American). She now lives in Iowa, and has been working in Univ of I as a researcher. Her first paper where she is the first author (there have been papers where she had been a contributor, of course) is:

Proapoptotic effects of P. aeruginosa involve inhibition of surfactant phosphatidylcholine synthesis

Click on the link to see the abstract as featured in Journal of Lipid Research. Mabuhay ang mga Pinay!

Congratulations are also in order for her being a new mom since June, having given birth prematurely (probably out of work-related stress) to a tisay (Hay, inggit ako!)

I hope I can someday find a research-related job where I can apply my medical knowledge, so as to avoid a mediocre career. The main problem is my location...rural Maine? Malabo...