Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mother Nanny

I was delighted to see Tagalog movies on Netflix (I have unlimited account). Last night I watched the very first Tagalog movie I got from Netflix - Mother Nanny. A yaya torn between taking care of her own daughter versus that of a rich couple whom she raised since infancy. My stepd and younger son both sat with me through the whole movie, so I had to translate from time to time for them to catch the gist. My stepd even appreciated it well. My eyes were boggy after the movie from the crying I did. I told my stepd, "Tthat situation is something you will never see in this country. I can relate to it, though, knowing the plight of many children in the Philippines.

I recall having worked a whole weekend in Makati then going home to Bulacan to my kids during the weekend. Of treating sick kids while one of mine was sick as well, but was taken care of by my Nanay (and sister on some occasions). It was not a good feeling at all.

I may not be working now as a doctor, and consequently I am earning much less than my potential earning as one, but the time I get to spend with my own kids is priceless.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Firefox Crashes and IE7 freezes - enter Chrome

Lately my firefox crashes on certain websites (including my kusina) was very exasperating. So even if I do not want to use IE (since it is so vulnerable), I had no choice but to resort to it to browse my site and answer comments. However, tonight even IE just could not even open up (my default homepage for both browsers)....I so wanted so much to answer comments (long overdue!), and was getting kinda hopeless...I searched for same problems, but the latest I saw was way back in Dec 2008. Is it just me, or my website apps? I read about incompatibilities with add-ons, as well, but I wanted a quick-fix...

Then I saw someone mentioned chrome comparing its popularity with IE and google and opera. Of course, it is way below as it is new...But I thought I'd try.

Well, so far, so good! It has not crashed on any of those sites that used to crash on firefox (including my kusina). I have updated my slides (baking and cooking) and answered comments.

I think I will be able to post some in kusina (but I have to sleep first and continue with my spring cleaning...rewards will be my playtime on blogging at night tomorrow.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

US Immigration: Medical Examination - What do they look for?

I thought I'd post it here for quick reference when someone asks me what do medical examiners actually look for when they are examining immigrants/aliens prior to going to the USA for immigration purposes.

Below is a set of guidelines that tells the medical examiners specifically what to look for:

If you are planning to immigrate and are having medical exam, having a high BP is not a reason for you to be banned from immigrating to the US, although the doctors will feel safer to "clear" you if you are being managed appropriately, taking your medications, and your BP is controlled. That way, even if you suddenly suffer from a stroke on your first day upon setting a foot on the US soils, the medical examiner will not be apprehended for "clearing" you.

However, the major concerns are:
1. Communicable diseases - Tuberculosis is easily transmittable. However, if just diagnosed, based usually on x-ray (presents as nodule at the apex), then you will be required to have treatment for 9 mos, but they can clear you, I believe, as early as after two weeks upon starting treatment, but you have to continue treatments.
2. STDs - HIV, AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, etc. Of course, there is no treatment yet for HIV or AIDS so don't bother if you have this. With other treatable STDs, have them treated first.
3. Mental or Psychological issues - No to drug abuse! Psychological problems that will pose threat to the public safety or yours (e.g. suicidal, homicidal tendencies), or will be a burden (I believe mental retardation used to be a factor to prevent one from coming to the US since this will be of so much burden to the government, but I did not find that anymore in the guidelines, probably it is now acceptable unless there is homicidal/suicidal/violent tendency).

Of course, vaccination requirements must also be met as part of preventive measures of the government, especially for minor immigrants.

For a full set of information, check out

Now, if you are already in the US and is currently applying for permanent residency, you will probably need another medical exam (or not; I believe it depends on how long you had the last medical exam done by panel physician), here is the link to the guidelines that medical examiners use to examine the applicant:

DEFINITION of TERMS in my simple words:
Panel physicians are the medical examiners in the Philippines designated by US embassy to conduct your medical screening prior to immigration
Civil surgeons are the medical examiners in the US designated by US embassy to conduct your medical screening prior to approval of your application for permanent residency or citizenship(?)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Got on sale!


Got this from JC Penney last week (it's almost spring! This light winter coat = shearling = was the last piece, size small. I was very hopeful it would fit me, and IT DID!
Original price: $200.00
Sale Price: $9.97

mas mahal pa yung panties na binili ko...on sale din at 3 for $21.00

Monday, March 16, 2009

Citizen Eco-Drive Watches


I got this Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch #BL5250-02L
as Valentine's gift for hubby. He was not expecting it, and he is not used to having "expensive" watches (only wore something like $10 worth of watches). He loved it. Of course, I had to get Citizen Women's Eco-Drive Silhouette Crystal Accented Gold-Tone Watch #EW8842-57D
for myself as well (he gave me a different toy as his gift for me).

I had been eyeing these Citizen Eco-Drive at and they sound so high-tech, not requiring batteries; only exposure to some light, sun or artificial.
However, after two weeks from purchase, mine had scratches all over. It was supposed to be scratch-resistant! My husband's had no scratch whatsoever (he was impressed!), and he had been subjecting his to more "trauma." I rarely wore my watch.

I made a phone call to amazon. They had me return it for a full refund. I got my money back. Too bad. I wanted it so much. I want to make another purchase of the same watch, but it was a disappointing experience. Should I trust Citizen again???

Saturday, January 03, 2009

My New Toy

We finally got a family plan for our cellphone needs now that our kids are into adolescence. The kids are going to more games, and keeping in touch via cellpones with reliable network is a must.  I was the only one who got a cellphone with features more complicated than just being a phone and a cam. They all got the same motorola phone with cam feature, and it can be used also to send email. But I chose to have this blackberry curve not only because I have internet with it, but mainly for the PDA applications. I had been using the PDA Palm TX before, but I felt so limited with that in that I could not use it for internet purposes unless I am at home, and I do sometimes need internet while at work.

I was thinking that with this blackberry curve as my cellphone/PDA, I probably will be more inclined to study for USMLE. :)
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