Monday, May 04, 2009

Firefox Crashes and IE7 freezes - enter Chrome

Lately my firefox crashes on certain websites (including my kusina) was very exasperating. So even if I do not want to use IE (since it is so vulnerable), I had no choice but to resort to it to browse my site and answer comments. However, tonight even IE just could not even open up (my default homepage for both browsers)....I so wanted so much to answer comments (long overdue!), and was getting kinda hopeless...I searched for same problems, but the latest I saw was way back in Dec 2008. Is it just me, or my website apps? I read about incompatibilities with add-ons, as well, but I wanted a quick-fix...

Then I saw someone mentioned chrome comparing its popularity with IE and google and opera. Of course, it is way below as it is new...But I thought I'd try.

Well, so far, so good! It has not crashed on any of those sites that used to crash on firefox (including my kusina). I have updated my slides (baking and cooking) and answered comments.

I think I will be able to post some in kusina (but I have to sleep first and continue with my spring cleaning...rewards will be my playtime on blogging at night tomorrow.

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