Thursday, April 07, 2005

Line production

I recently posted about what could be the realistic line production for a newbie like me...So far, I am averaging 500++ lines per day, but my back and legs and hands are really crying...

Still I want to set a goal, but while I have set it at 1000 lines (at least) per day, I am not sure that is realistic.

But this is the jump:

FRom day 1 to day 5 my production increased from a bare 200++ lines to 400++ lines.

On my first week I made "Total Records: 100 and Total Lines: 2187" (mainly due to "gettin to know my dictators" stage and finding the right matches for me to come up with a pool that will fill my time and not leave me waiting here indefinitely for a dictation to download).

On my second week, with dictators pretty much established (though I still had new ones added to my pool for another 2 days and so I had to orient myself with their styles), my production rose to "Total Records: 156 and Total Lines: 3031 lines."

We will see if there will be improvement in the next weeks as I get a firm grip of my dictators' styles, and do less of researching for vague/unheard terms.

Somehow I have made improvements with my autotext and templates/macros to make transcribing easier, but still, when I am about to reach my daily goal of 600 lines, my hands are already stiff and slow, and my eyes are strained, my back and legs feeling numb...

Maybe I should relax a little bit. Anyway, I did not mean for this to be a major income source, but only to push myself to study more about medicine, to be able to save some for a possible USMLE, to help pay the bills, to raise money for buying a second-hand car, to be able to buy gifts for my husband, to be able to send some money to my Nanay...

Maybe I should start working on my there from 5:30 am to 10:30, take a break, have lunch then start work at 11:00, stop at 5:00, cook supper, work again for another 2 hours (if I would not be too tired by then), hit the sack at around 10 or 11 at night...

Somehow, this extra feature of counting lines in the software that I am using is making me obsessive-compulsive in reaching a certain number of lines...But hey...I should be wary. I might end up with CTS if I am not careful.

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