Sunday, March 19, 2006

Our Newly Bought 96 Dodge Caravan

My driver's permit will expire on 06/08/06. So we were really quite in an urgent state to get a second-hand vehicle for me to practise with. We always kept our eyes on what were for sale in Uncle Henry's booklet. Last week we called several sellers, but they were all sold. This time, we could not find one that we really liked. Gary would have wanted something newer, but then we worried about those 99 Dodge Caravan allegedly having problems with transmission. Since it was basically for me to get used to driving (so that we could predict some dents/minor accidents within the first two years of me driving), we decided to go for this one. Not bad at $1500. Looked nice save for that rusty part at the bottom, smelled nice, and well-kept. The previous woman owner was a car racer (she had four trophies in her apartment to boast) so I figured she was in the know of how to take care of cars. She was also an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) so that she did not smoke, and the car smelled nice.

Everything that should be automatic was still working -- adjustment of mirrors, auto-locking mechanism, power windows, etc. Plenty of room (7-seater) with two built-in baby seats.

Of course, Gary tried it on the road before we made the purchase. He said it handled nicely. He had had experience before with a Dodge Caravan so he somehow knew what it was behind the wheel of such, and he did not find any fault while driving it.

I had my first on-the-road practice this noontime with Gary. He was predicting a major carsickness attack, but luckily I drove it smoothly enough that he did not have that repercussion. He said I was a natural, and that I would have no problems after some time of practice.

I hope so...

We plan to spend the afternoons (when he comes home) for practice sessions on the road, about 30 minutes each time (so he won't get carsick).


Guy said...

Hello, I was browsing Market Manila and happened to get to this point. I'm a Filipina married to American living here in Oregon. I just want to let you know that I enjoyed your site and I put a link on my 360 page of your food blog so it would be easy for me to visit you whenever I can.

Have a nice day.

Guy said...

Me again, I'm just curious as to the mileage of that car, it's cheap. My permit expired last month, still don't have a license for some reasons. My husband says that you always wreck your first car so he's thinking of getting a used one for me to practice some more. I've drived our F350 & hyundai Santa Fe SUV, still not too confident to take the hands on driving test... Good luck to you....

Manang said...

Hi Guy,
My best friend Ana originally lived in Oregon (upon immigrating). Her mother is still there. I am glad you enjoyed my site.
That car had a 175000 mileage. It was originally seeling for $2200 (as posted on her for sale sign), but it had been two weeks and she had lowered it down to $1800 last week, placed an ad on the newspaper and finally lowered it down to $1500 in Uncle Henry's booklet.
Honestly, I doubt that I will ever gain enough confidence to drive long distances. Hanggang Hannaford and Wal-Mart lang siguro.
Maybe if I will end up in an outside job, then I might get used to driving until such time that I can brave the highways to get to places one hour or more away from us.

Anonymous said...

Hi,I was just going to read some of the recipes posted on your site but I decided to read more.I think for a new driver getting a second hand car is good idea and more practical..My first car was 1994 Honda Civic,automatic,w/ aircon ,casette and CD player,it cost $3,000,124,000 mileage,of course with a little dent,what do you expect? we live in Ohio.But it runs good that time.I've used it for my driving lessons which by the way was too scary for me that time.Sometimes people would tell me "training day" for you?And by the way,one time a police officer followed us into our drive way....and he told us that he got a call , that there is a drunk driver on the road.Hellooo!I'm not drunk just trying to learn how to drive.I was a neophyte. But practice makes perfect and I eventually got my license,which I really needed because I'm starting my full time job.I used it for 4 years and decided to trade it and buy another one which is 4X4..I needed it during winter time since the weather here in Ohio is kinda weird.Well,good luck to'll pass it! and you will get used to driving long distances.

Anonymous said...

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