Friday, October 06, 2006

Endorsement and Verification

Well, I have received my license from Vermont BON, then I proceeded to do the verification through Nursys as instructed on Maine's BON re endorsement. Nursys could be done (supposedly) online or by mail. Because I wanted to expedite things, I chose to do the online thing.

Well, my name was not in their database...yet. The reason (according to FAQ) is that for new nurses, it usually take 4 WEEKS to get the info into the system!

I figured it might be better to go through the snail mail route. I had cashier's checks prepared for both entities concerned, mailed the snail mails for both agencies. the one going to Maine BON contained not only the application form, copy of my license, and the fee payment, but also certified copies of my TOR and RLE. I hope I missed nothing.

Now I will just wait for approval for endorsement, then I would be all set to work as a nurse here with a temporary 90-day validity license as RN.

Problem is, I want to visit my mom in Canada (with my older sister) first before I go working full time. I have submitted an application to the PCGNY for renewal of my passport. As soon as I receive it, I will schedule a flight to Burnaby.

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