Sunday, January 06, 2008

It was a very toxic duty today

I work at a Rehab most of my patients are stable, undergoing rehab to get back to their optimum function. If they do get unstable, we send them to the ER, and if ER deems appropriate, the patient is sent back to acute care units (Med-Surg, ICU, etc.)

I love Rehab. For many new nurses, they will probably get bored in this unit, because they are eager to learn new things, eager to put into use what they learned from school, and eager to hone their skills. Here in rehab, there are not such skills you will learn. You basically give medications, period.

I love it because you see the patient's progress from debilitated to well. Fast.

I love it because I have had my taste of "toxicity" from my days of medical clerkship and internship, in the Philippines, both private and public hospitals...overworked, no pay. Very stressful...I learned a lot, but for now, when I have a family to take care of as well, I do not like to have more stress. I like it when I go home and just forget about work. I like that I do not ever fear of going to work in the mornings.

The story would have been different if I were single.

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