Sunday, February 17, 2008


Sometime in January 2007 when I was busy preparing and submitting resumes and getting ready for interviews, I bought this PDA because of the hype I have been hearing about it being a necessary tool when you are a clinician (doctors, nurses, etc.). I was excited when I got it, downloaded several (medical and nursing) freeware, and bought programs online to download (nursing procedures, drug guide, etc.).

The reality is, I barely use it. Most of what I do at the hospital as a Rehab nurse can be easily learned hands-on. I have used it more to remind me of appointments, etc. But to remind me to follow up on something? No. It takes a lot of time to type (and I do not want to carry around a keyboard to attach to it.

It would probably be of more use if I were a doctor or NP who had training including the application of PDA in the practice.

It can be used to store photos and music, though, but I go to work basically to work, not to boast about how cool my gadget is...And even if I could, in theory, use this to browse the web, first I would need access to hour hospital network (how would I justify that when we have access to the internet using our own work station?). Second, the screen is small that I really would prefer the desktop whenever I could use it.

I am thinking at this time of selling this, but I do not know if any of the doctors at the hospital would be interested. They seem not to be too computer savvy and I have not seen any of them techie enough to carry such gadgets. Or maybe they are using Blackberry already...

Maybe I should sell it on Uncle Henry's...or ebay...or amazon...anyone interested here???

What I would want to replace it with is Nokia N810. It uses Linux (not Windows) so it is more secure, has less trash and is faster. It has built-in Skype, webcam and mic so you can use it for VoIP applications and talk to others (free if it is another Skype user, minimal fee if landline). You can browse the internet, including playing youtube videos on a screen with satisfactory resolution and size. It has a good-sized slide-out keyboard. It even has built-in GPS (additional purchase of $120? if you want the voice guide as well, although I already received a GPS from my husband last Christmas that he bought on sale).

Well, I am quite the gadget-lover, although I do not see myself geeky in any way (not in the same breath as my hubby). I had been trying to avoid posting about them on my blogs, for fear of sounding like I am boasting. But hey, sometimes you read about these gadgets you never heard of before, and become interested, so why not? It is quite nice to hear about a gadget you have been considering of getting if you get the info from someone you trust --- another consumer -- both the mediocre and the geeky types. So this post and the next few ones will probably focus on what I/we own and have experienced using.
Nokia N810

And yes, I feel that some of my ad affiliates would be more applicable for posts related to these gizmos. I figure, if I can earn additional revenue posting about a gadget I actually own and have used for some time, it will not be too bad.

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