Sunday, October 26, 2008

I did not realize ER can be boring at times

Yeah, we all heard about ER nurses being adrenaline junkies...I was quite anxious I would be too tired every time I come home from work. However, lately, I realize that the norm here where I work is that we get slow during the hours from 2am to 5am...usually.

Not that I do not like that. I actually enjoy that extra time because now I can make blog posts during those hours. And for those blogs that usually require photos, I just upload the photos to my picasa web album then later embed them as I make a new post during work hours.

My charge nurses do not care as long as our work is done. Or in cases where we have patients, we should make sure we have done all that we have to do before we "play." They themselves play online games when they get bored.

I used to do my online ENA training. But right now I am caught up with all online trainings. I should also try to make use of the time for reviewing for NCLEX...but how do I hide from my co-workers about me planning to take the USMLE?

It is not that concrete yet. I am just trying to see if I can actually find the time to prepare, and if I will indeed be prepared in a year to take the step 1...So far no luck. I have had my Kaplan reviewers for 2 months now, and I have just finished chapter 1. Pathetic...

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