Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mother Nanny

I was delighted to see Tagalog movies on Netflix (I have unlimited account). Last night I watched the very first Tagalog movie I got from Netflix - Mother Nanny. A yaya torn between taking care of her own daughter versus that of a rich couple whom she raised since infancy. My stepd and younger son both sat with me through the whole movie, so I had to translate from time to time for them to catch the gist. My stepd even appreciated it well. My eyes were boggy after the movie from the crying I did. I told my stepd, "Tthat situation is something you will never see in this country. I can relate to it, though, knowing the plight of many children in the Philippines.

I recall having worked a whole weekend in Makati then going home to Bulacan to my kids during the weekend. Of treating sick kids while one of mine was sick as well, but was taken care of by my Nanay (and sister on some occasions). It was not a good feeling at all.

I may not be working now as a doctor, and consequently I am earning much less than my potential earning as one, but the time I get to spend with my own kids is priceless.


chinita said...

hi manang...!!! maganda ba story?? gusto ko din i rent...hehe...God bless u and ur family!!!love ur site talaga...=)

cpsanti said...

oooh, which reminds me, i haven't seen a decent pinoy flick in a while ;-(