Friday, August 27, 2004

I got my EAD card!

Yahoo! Finally, I have received my Employment Authorization Card! Now I can apply for work...but wait, I have to stay at home! I don't have a car yet, and no driver's license yet. I still have to get an SSN before I can apply for a driver's license. Only then can I work as well. This will be my first step. And this is my FIRST US Government Issued ID! Let's see...I filed the application June 10 (though our first attempt was on June 4, but it was closed). Then I reveived the notice about two weeks after that. I called for an appointment for the fingerprinting and biometrics, which was set last August 18. Now it is August 27, which is the 77th day from the date of filing. Good enough. Now the next step is for me to apply for my SSN. That will serve as my national identification card. Praise God!

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