Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Classes start today

Yap! It is SEptember 1, Patrick's birthday, and again, now I have so much time to and for myself. Well, that's not entirely true because probably 50% or more of my time I spend on household chores. Like as of this time, 10 a.m., I have washed Juliana's blanket, and I am washing the whites (nakababad muna). I have done some weeding, checked out my vegetable garden to see what to harvest later today. I have also brought out a bushel of onions for sundrying. I gathered all the cucumbers slumbering in my fridge and gave them to the cows.
Now I have to attend to tje inside chores: make our bed, fix the boys' clothes and beds, and clean them a bit. Later today I will drop by Mom's to get more eggs.
For a small celebration of Patrick's birthday I will make peach muffins later (he asked for whoopie pies but I said I would do those on Thursday night for him to bring to school on Friday, or I might make brownies from scratch instead. Whoopie pies are just so unhealthy to bring to the class, the teacher might frown upon them.). I will also cook some more meatballs (these have been the latest craze among the boys) and pair them with the pasta sauce that I made yesterday. However, I don't have pasta at the moment, but I do have lots of red potatoes from Dad, so I will just make mashed potatoes instead. Then cucumber salad as usual, to make a balanced meal.
Ana called to tell me that tomorrow we are going to visit Fay, which is good. I have been wanting to meet her. She is another "totoong tao," according to Ana's mom.
I am gonna have an early lunch today cause I am already hungry. I will have potato-tuna salad with cucumber cubes. Papayat ako nito ngayong me pasok na ang mga bata because I will always be lazy to cook lunch for myself. Most probably I will just have leftovers.

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