Thursday, October 28, 2004

Fe's birthday celebration

Oct 5 was Fe's birthday. The surprise party was planned by her business partner, Janis, who is a huntress as well. This is how surprised Fe was, when she entered Janis' house, expecting to meet a customer (they have a housekeeping business).

The two hugged after the shock has subsided...

Me, Fe and Ana...

The cake that Ana made for Fe. Look at the elaborate weave-style frosting at the side of the cake.

Fe reads here one of the cards that came with the gifts that she received.

Mary (a Burmese) on the left, and Janis' sister (?) (I have forgotten her name) on the right. It was a very warm group of people. Not snobbish or proud. Very accomodating, I felt at home with them. Wish we could have more time to get together. Posted by Hello

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