Thursday, December 09, 2004

Got my Driver's Permit!

Golly! Been lazily studying the handbook for 1 whole week (with a lot of internet breaks, of course! I finally had the gumption to take the test yesterday. Gary went with me to Waterville's Bureau of Motor Vehicles Office.

$10 fee, photo ID (I used my EAD card, but they were not familiar with this less-often-used government issued ID, so I showed my passport, marriage certificate and birth certificate. They need not see anymore IDs.

My eye exam was done first, using something that I thought was computerized but not really. It's more like an electronic version of Snelle's chart for the visual acuity, with small lights flashing vaguely on either side. One eye tested first before the other. My left eye apparently was weaker than the right, but I could be allowed to drive in such eye condition, as long as I am comfortable with my vision. However, if I feel the need to wear glasses, I may do so.

Then the written exam. To get the driver's permit, I should be able to answer 24 out of 30 questions correctly. During checking, I was counting...1,...2,......6!...Another mistake and I'm toast!

Lucky enough, I had no more mistakes. I barely made the exam! All is well now...I was issued the permit, and was advised to take at least 4 months of practice before applying for the road test, which was valid for 18 months. I should have had 35 hours of driving by then, with 5 night driving, before I should consider the road test.

Haha! Now on to borrowing Ana's old car for me to practice on...Good thing she and Jake are still maintaining that car though they seldom use it. Now they are actually glad to have me use it for practice! Blessing in disguise.

I love my friend Ana...

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JMom said...

Congratulations! You are definitely on your way...

You are so brave to try shooting! Ako, takot sa baril. I can't even hold one. It must be nice to live out in the country where you have the space to target shoot though. It does look like it was a lot of fun.