Sunday, November 28, 2004

Target Shooting

After Thanksgiving Day, the kids were scheduled to spend the weekend at Mom's. So while we waited in the morning for them to pick up the kids, Gary thought to make use of the time to practice shooting. When Mom and Dad came, we let them get the younger kids first, since they are not old enough to be responsible in handling guns.

It had been a long time since we did this (last year, actually). Gary loves collecting guns, but hunting never appealed to him. Of course I was excited to have my turn too!

Now it is Patrick's turn. Gary made sure that the trajectory of the bullet is such that it would not hit anywhere near our neighbors, and that it would either hit the pile of firewood or go deep into the forest (which is part of our property).

Gary is re-loading the guns now, where on the same spot lies the target sheets .

So now he is trying his .480 Ruger, his favorite handgun (because it is powerful, and the kick gives him a high.

Josh even tried to shoot from a farther distance, using the flat boulder to make a good stable aim.

When he stood, Patrick was mimicking him.

Here Gary tries to check how he did with the AR 15.

Shannon and Ann, upon hearing the gunshots, came over to join the fun, using their muzzle loaders.

Now they are loading their guns,

with these different bullet parts that they have to load piece by piece into the muzzle.

Gary checked out their guns. Both guys were saying gunshooting is a sure fun way to spend cold days, rather than sit in front of the TV or do drugs or drink alcohol.

Dad also heard the gunshots and joined in, himself tyring that muzzle loader. I myself tried it upon Ann's coaxing. The magnifier was cool, but it was so hard to stabilize my hold of the gun that I would easily lose the target at the center, I had to rest the gun on the big boulder.

That was a fun day! It made me think whether I would want to work in the future...

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