Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I made 571 lines today!

Not bad for a day where I had to start learning again about some new (6 or 7) dictators without any sample to use a basis of their style. I have so far a total of 9 or 10 (?) dictators in my pool, enough to keep me occupied during my vacant hours, I hope. Although I might request to remove two of these, who are hard dictators and therefore, they waste my tim e(they require double the time I do the other dictators. If my employer will request I keep them, she should give me more financial reward for these.)

My target is 1000 to 1200 lines per day, to give me a salary of equivalent to 9/hr. I thin it is possible once I got the hang of using the autotext feature of the software I am using, and of course, the most important is to get used to the style of the various dictators in my pool. To give you an idea of how fast I am improving, last Friday I made around 400 lines working for about 8 to 9 hours (I was not able to keep track) on 3 dictators, and had a hard time on a 4th dictator.

Then yesterday morning I worked on the leftover dictations from yesterday, and made 200 lines for just 2 hours! However, siince I am 3 hours behind the CA's timeframe, I had ato wait until the dictators submit their files to the ftp. The internet was also crappy, that I was not sure if it was really only during lunchtime when files started streaming in. I also had to request to my employer for more dictators/accounts to keep me occupied. Then I think during the afternoon I made a total of 412 lines (either that or plus the previous 200 of the morning work.)

So my 571 lines today was only lower than what I could have accomplished mainly because of slowing down by the two hard dictators. Two dictators in particular was so easy, that I transcribed their dictations of 22 lines for less than 20 minutes and another of 25 lines for 26 minutes! (That could translate to around $12/hour salary if I only transcribed their dictations!)

Not to mention I still am looking forward to elevating my status from an entry-level, but I will have to wait for the QA to make the recommendation to the employer.

I hope I can land on a 10 cpl at least.


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