Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Got my first paycheck!

It is not that big yet...but that is only because it was only a week instead of two weeks' pay. Also, my production then was at it's lowest, and the pay in this job is production-based.

Just $ 142.24, and that is my pay from March 25-31, which I got one month after. My next paycheck will come on the 2nd half of May, which I have computed to be $ 482.44, then followed by $ 608.91 (yeah, that's how production jumps when you are starting your career as an MT, although my acceleration exceeds that of an ordinary MT who has no medical background that I have. I rarely have to check medical spellings/terms/procedures/drugs, whereas a new MT would always need that, and a medical terminology software such as Stedman's SmartType is such a big help to these laypeople, but which I doubt would help me). I have been focusing on building my autotext database to make my job quicker and easier. YOu can very well see the sharp upward slope in my production...from 200++ lines ($ 142.24 first paycheck for 2032 lines) to 600++ lines per day (so I will be getting that $ 608.91 for 8582 lines)...

Golly, this can be so addicting! The pay is not too great compared to being a nurse or a doctor, but then I won't have to worry about wardrobe and kissing somebody else's a-- just to stay hired. No worries about the weather and slippery roads, accidents during travel (do commuters get paid driving? and what about their driving time?). Most of all, I still get to cook, do household chores during my break, garden, and I am planning this summer to use the mornings for driving lessons.

Now I have to figure out how to pay my taxes. I can use some deductions like use of home for business, also equipment.

I think I will stick with this job. Then when I am ready, I will have my own MT business, using offshore talents...from the Philippines, of course!!! People there need good-paying jobs badly.


talhey said...

manang, happy mother's day to you. goodluck in everything you do. have a great and safe weekend.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Manang! Paychecks are paychecks, it's always exciting to get them :)I have a strong feeling that you will go places on whatever road you decide to take.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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