Wednesday, May 25, 2005

IntelliPoint 5.0 sucks!

My husband, having been so excited that I am now earning a significant amount of money even as I stay at home, surprised me with a new set of wireless keyboard and optical mouse (I had been using the Logitech wireless kb and op mouse). I was thrilled at his thoughtfulness. He installed it last weekend. I had the whole weekend off.

I started work Monday morning, and noticed the glitches with my new hardware. I thought it was just because I had not learned all the ins and outs and the troubleshooting.

I tried to check out the help section on trooubleshooting when I was finally convinced that it was not just because of unfamiliarity.

Now, I had used it for 2 whole days typing for more than 8 hrs each day. I loved the padded keyboard (protects my wrists), BUT I HATE THE MOUSE!

It has delayed response to my dragging, pauses at one point where I did not intend it to go, which would make me react in such a manner that I would be exerting more effort to drag it to make it move, and when it did move, it went flying in all directions (either that or it disappears), and I would spend several seconds locating where it went, and would finally find it. Sometimes I would want to bring it to a certain point on the screen (like a button or a link), and as I slowed down it would get stuck, usually just before that point where I wanted it to be, so that when I finally clicked, I did not hit the right point! Then I would drag violently again to make it move (again, with a delayed response)...I finally had it.

I woke my hubby up earlier today before he went to work, asked him to put back my old Logitech mouse (Of course I was apologetic, but I would not want to waste any more time in this prodcution-based job of mine! I could have typed a lot of medical reports during those wasted seconds!)