Wednesday, July 20, 2005

the sizing and lubricating equipment

reloading die sets

another view of the die sets

mold for the lead bullets on the right, melting pot on the left

melting pot with lead bars in preparation for modling

straining off the sandy material to isolate the "cleaned" shells

This is the catcher of the reloaded bullets

Winchester and Hornady bullets

Ako yan...

Hubby and boys

Me and my first son target shooting (lipas na anag hunting season)

target with the pile of wood behind to stop bullets...we make sure either these wood pieces will stop the bullet, or that there are no houses/people in the range where the bullets can go. Posted by Picasa


minky said...

hi dra manang,

i love your site! i was browsing through the forum and saw your post about making calendars... and clicked on the kusina part.. then clicked on tahanan, etc.

i'm fascinated. no, i don't mean to snoop, it's just that i am learning a lot.

i'm happy that you found your peace and you're happy being a stay-at-home mom. i have friends who are finding it difficult to adjust to a life here after having a career-centered life in the philippines.

i will also be surely going to go through the recipes later as i have just learned to cook. asawa ko pa nagturo sa akin! :-D

and when i saw those dies.. ack! amazing! i never thought i'd see another filipina talk about reloading bullets. i helped my husband do it once -- and almost fell asleep while doing it. :-D di pa ako umuulit.

anyway, thanks so much for sharing your experiences. i hope you don't mind if i share your website with some friends. it might help save them from the kabuwangan of boredom. :-P

Manang said...

Hi minky!

Thanks for the appreciation. Don't worry, I don't take it as snooping. I started bloging because I wanted to "talk" but have no listeners. This way, I get to "talk" about whatever without forcing anyone to listen (may sound boring ba). It was a means to keeping sane with all the "luxury" of time I had. Yun nga lang, I rarely have the time to post now. Kaka-guilty pag me mga bagong online friends like you, who might be waiting for more kwento...

I used to visit other blogs too, to try to find some commonalities esp with Pinay expats like us, and it was a totally new and enjoyable experience. Nakaka-miss nga eh, but I have to work...Hay, buhay!

Wish you all the best in your life!

TK said...

Nice Site. discovered it by accident. babalikbalik ako if you guys don't mind.