Thursday, December 01, 2005


If you are a doctor who is considering doing MT as a sideline, below are some links from which you can download several audio files to see whether you have what it takes to do this job.

But before that, download first the Express Scribe to play the digital files. Once you have downloaded this software, then download the audio files from the below links and save them in a folder in your computer (make sure you know where you save them).

Here are the links: - you must answer first the written portion to get to the audio (don't worry, that part is the easiest!). - these are zipped folders. Once you have downloaded the zipped files, unzip them first (rt-click then "Extract all...")

Once you have all (or even just one if you would just like to try this and not seriously considering doing this as a sideline) the audio files downloaded and unzipped as needed, open the Express Scribe and LOAD the dictations from the folder where you saved them, and type away! You can type directly onto Word while listening to the audio, and see the final outcome of your work. If you were the client, ask yourself this: "Would I want the medical records of my patients appear and filed like this?" That is your true assessment if you have done a good job or not.

Caution: Pangtawid lang ang MT for a more stable healthcare job. I'd go for either RN or MD pa rin. Truth is, either ma-offshore most of the MT work, or pag pinagbawal ng HIPAA regulations any offshoring of medical records eh wala nang mag-offshore (which I doubt will happen). So pag sinwerte kayo, you might be able to do this as a sideline directly hired by one MT company here in the US (wag na as employee ng middleman MT company in PI), as an at-home job.


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Anonymous said...

I hope that information will reach our kababayan in pinas who works currently as MT. It will be a breakthrough for them to know that they can work from home without having a middleman or employer based on the information and links you haved shared. Mabuhay ka, Manang!

Manang said...

Hi anonoymous,

The one who taught me how to do this was a physical therapist doing at-home MT based in Pinas, although when I met her (online), she was processing her fiancee visa to come to California.