Wednesday, May 25, 2005

IntelliPoint 5.0 sucks!

My husband, having been so excited that I am now earning a significant amount of money even as I stay at home, surprised me with a new set of wireless keyboard and optical mouse (I had been using the Logitech wireless kb and op mouse). I was thrilled at his thoughtfulness. He installed it last weekend. I had the whole weekend off.

I started work Monday morning, and noticed the glitches with my new hardware. I thought it was just because I had not learned all the ins and outs and the troubleshooting.

I tried to check out the help section on trooubleshooting when I was finally convinced that it was not just because of unfamiliarity.

Now, I had used it for 2 whole days typing for more than 8 hrs each day. I loved the padded keyboard (protects my wrists), BUT I HATE THE MOUSE!

It has delayed response to my dragging, pauses at one point where I did not intend it to go, which would make me react in such a manner that I would be exerting more effort to drag it to make it move, and when it did move, it went flying in all directions (either that or it disappears), and I would spend several seconds locating where it went, and would finally find it. Sometimes I would want to bring it to a certain point on the screen (like a button or a link), and as I slowed down it would get stuck, usually just before that point where I wanted it to be, so that when I finally clicked, I did not hit the right point! Then I would drag violently again to make it move (again, with a delayed response)...I finally had it.

I woke my hubby up earlier today before he went to work, asked him to put back my old Logitech mouse (Of course I was apologetic, but I would not want to waste any more time in this prodcution-based job of mine! I could have typed a lot of medical reports during those wasted seconds!)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Things are getting better...

So many events have passed in my present work, but I haven't had the time to post here lately because of "addiction" with what I am doing, and the goodness of my superiors.

I had an unexpected partial raise in pay rate last week of April...I was kinda "promised" by my QA that I will be off QA at the end of April so I would get the full raise...

I had been on a QA-optional status, hence the partial raise, since that time.

When 100% QA-optional, it will be a full raise, then would follow production-based incentives.

Last week I sent an email to my QA re my status (i.e., when I would be completely QA-optional). No reply until this afternoon.

We had a brief chat. Definitely things are looking better and going faster than I anticipated.:

QA: Hi Manang- this is QA, I am logged in under Boss' IM for right now- I am at her house- I had to get away from my home very quickly as it was a violent situation. I just want to apologize for not being responsive lately and wanted to let you know I am back. I apologize if I appeared rude or unprofessional. I had a very rough few days as I had toXpXeXrXsXnXalX- but I hope to be on the mend soon!
md_mt032305: problem! I hope things will get better for you soon...
md_mt032305: I feel like hugging you
md_mt032305: take your time...I am doing fine...
QA: you are doing better than fine!! you are one of our Superstars!!! Thank you for the hug- much needed and appreciated! I am not used to depended on other people for things. Today I would like to work just with you on your work que issues and see if we can resolve them today! I hate to ask you this again, but my mind is still not all there with me! Please let me know- you can IM or email. The first three docs and from then out- your next options to help with you productivity. Has your line count gone up? It seems that it has. Also, are you still in QA on anyone or optional only if you have a question? I am ready to get you 100% QA free
md_mt032305: you don't have to if you don't feel like it, but thanks for opting to attend to my issues..Here's the list of my most fave dictators from my highest priority: Dr1, Dr2,Dr3, Dr4, Dr5, Dr6, Dr7 and Dr8. I am not yet QA-op on the last 4. I can accomodate the other 5 doctors in my pool if you badly need help finishing them (Dr9, Dr10, Dr11, Dr12, and Dr13 in that order).
md_mt032305: I want to express my appreciation for taking good care of me.
md_mt032305: btw, I am not yet QA-op on the 3Drs from the last list.
QA: okay sweetie- I am going to have Boss take you off QA on those last four- you dont need it- or actually on all of them. I know you will send if you need to for QA. As soon as Boss gets back down here- I will get your work pool in order! You are just fantastic! After doing the transcription for a while, I really believe that you should look into moving into QA/editing- your skill and knowledge level would lend itself very nicely to this.
md_mt032305: Thanks for the praises, but I don't have the confidence yet to do that...
md_mt032305: and my past work as QA editor was quite traumatic for me...I don't feel like dealing with that kind of stress again...
QA: In time you will. There is a potential to make greater income- perhaps as we grow, that is something you will keep in mind. It is not stressful if you work for the right company.
md_mt032305: well, yes...the company does matter a lot...but I did learn a lot from you when you were doing QA on me...
md_mt032305: you knew exactly how to deliver feedback that encourages an MT
QA: just something to keep in mind! I had some TERRIBLE QA people in the past who made me feel like I needed to go work at Burger King!
md_mt032305: yes, I will keep that in mind...I just know that this is a great company, and I would be glad to be a part of/contributor to its growth!
QA: It is booming now and we have accounts lined up and ready to go with us as soon as we can staff them
md_mt032305: and that is sad...this work requires a great deal of skills and is not easy to find techie people with a strong medical background
QA: too bad too- it is such a great opportunity to be able to work at home
md_mt032305: I read fromBoss' last email about check crossing Canada. I have a friend who recently moved there, another doctor from PI, who is also interested in doing MT. Can I ask her to try applying?
QA: OH YES PLEASE DO!! I would be very happy to work to help her get accomodated to the system and the work! Ask her to please at her convenience send me an e-mail and we could get her on the road to working! How exciting! Can you not practice medicine when you move here?
md_mt032305: I have read enough horror stories about the medical practice
QA: The state of our health care system is shameful
md_mt032305: so many doctors get out of a state/city (ex. Chicago) or the profession itself (OB to teaching high school)
md_mt032305: disillusioned with the system
md_mt032305: insurance companies earning the big bucks
QA: no longer about the patients
md_mt032305: right...
md_mt032305: it is sad...treating patients for free gives us a different kind of high...but nowadays very few people appreciate that...can't blame them bec lots of drs also have become indifferent to make both ends meet, or just being arrogant
QA: and the frivoulous law suits and malpractice.... just terrible! So many doctors have become very callous and uncaring toward the patients beacause of the system
md_mt032305: yeah...but I am observing a trend -- online patient care...not sure if that will work fine...maybe then I will consider going any case, this is a very good business on the side...Who knows? Maybe in time I wll have an income from this good enough to allow me to practice medicine without sacrificing patient care just so to earn enough to pay the insurance premium?...
QA: I had the opportunity to work for some of the large pharmeceutical companies on drug studies for Oncology (worked on the pahse three of Arimidex) and although it was very grattifying work, the amount of money the drug companies spent on nonsense and to entertain the doctors- when prices for prescriptions are so high that many cannot afford the medications needed was very alarming
md_mt032305: I am emailing my friend in Canada now...
QA: Great! Online medicine is becoming a very intriguing area of medicine-especially in rural areas.
md_mt032305: that too...I am uncomfortable knowing that a lot of pharma companies are manipulating doctors...just take a look at the latest guidelines on cholesterol and bp levels...I am not sure how much of that is honest...maybe they just want more sale for their drugs (pharm companies sponsor most of these studies anyway...). I can't help but think of doing Homeopathic Med if I will practice
md_mt032305: ok...done calling on other Filipino MDs (nonpractising like me) from Canada and US
QA: I absolutely agree- I have high cholesterol but did not want to try statins and am a big believer in vitamins and herbs and have reduced my greatly with red rice yeast and fish oil in conjunction with flax seed oil
md_mt032305: have you heard abt coconut oil (see Dr. Mercola's website and other scientific articles there written by PhD Chem...). I am a great cholesterol skeptic...recently saw a website of same people refuting the claims that cholesterol is bad for us...I still have reservations, though, but I try to eat foods as close as possible to their natural state.
QA: yes- that is what I have gone to as well- very little processed food. I try not to pay attention to a lot of the studies beacause I know how that whole system works with the drug companies manipulating the docs.
md_mt032305: well...i love chatting with I have to work now... Cheer up!
QA: Thank you have a wonderful day!
md_mt032305: you too! And thanks for everything that you have done for me...

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Got my first paycheck!

It is not that big yet...but that is only because it was only a week instead of two weeks' pay. Also, my production then was at it's lowest, and the pay in this job is production-based.

Just $ 142.24, and that is my pay from March 25-31, which I got one month after. My next paycheck will come on the 2nd half of May, which I have computed to be $ 482.44, then followed by $ 608.91 (yeah, that's how production jumps when you are starting your career as an MT, although my acceleration exceeds that of an ordinary MT who has no medical background that I have. I rarely have to check medical spellings/terms/procedures/drugs, whereas a new MT would always need that, and a medical terminology software such as Stedman's SmartType is such a big help to these laypeople, but which I doubt would help me). I have been focusing on building my autotext database to make my job quicker and easier. YOu can very well see the sharp upward slope in my production...from 200++ lines ($ 142.24 first paycheck for 2032 lines) to 600++ lines per day (so I will be getting that $ 608.91 for 8582 lines)...

Golly, this can be so addicting! The pay is not too great compared to being a nurse or a doctor, but then I won't have to worry about wardrobe and kissing somebody else's a-- just to stay hired. No worries about the weather and slippery roads, accidents during travel (do commuters get paid driving? and what about their driving time?). Most of all, I still get to cook, do household chores during my break, garden, and I am planning this summer to use the mornings for driving lessons.

Now I have to figure out how to pay my taxes. I can use some deductions like use of home for business, also equipment.

I think I will stick with this job. Then when I am ready, I will have my own MT business, using offshore talents...from the Philippines, of course!!! People there need good-paying jobs badly.

Increase in pay

The last week of April was very exciting for me. I had been asking around at Scribera forum about when is the right time to ask for a raise if I have been proving myself an asset to the company...Some wise advise was that I wait for a month or two after getting out of QA to ask for a raise.

But surprise! I started getting (partially) out of QA last week of April, so I got a partial raise (It was also just about a month after starting my work in this company. I am hoping to get out of QA 100% by the end of this week so I will have the full raise of 5 cpl per line, then from thereon I can produce and produce and show consistency so I can ask for a raise depending on my production.

God is good...