Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day Indeed!

I had been trying to make my hp photosmart 7760 work (ran out of ink; we refilled; could not work now), because I wanted to make a card for my hubby. That is usually how I remind him during this special day how much I love him. I do not want to spend money on holidays as much as possible. Call me kuripot, but these special days have been so commercialized.

I tried my old hp photosmart 7350 (I gave it to Patrick once I got hold of Gary's 7760 because he got himself a new Epson photo printer recently). Ink cartridges needed to be replaced as well. Aaaargh!

I gave up. I just thought I would make myself super bango and ganda for Gary's arrival from work. So I showered while baking chicken in mushroom soup/sour cream and cooking the Rice-A-Roni.

I was still in the bathroom brushing my teeth (in preparation for torrid kissing -- hehe), when he came. He handed me this beautifully wonderful flowers which he himself picked. I, of course, kissed him and thanked him.
Then I was waiting for the heart-shaped box of Stover Russell chocolates...nothing.

Then he led me out of the room...I was already anticipating he got me something else as a gift...I was ready to throw a fit! I wanted no luxurious spending!

Then he gave me a Valentine-decorated bag with a box that contained this:
Fujifil FinePix F10 6.3 Mega Pixels, 18.5 x total zoom, 2.5 inch LCD.

He forewarned me not to give a fit. I wanted to, but how could I? I was so pleased with this gadget (I would always prefer such things over a car, if I can help not having a car.)

Gary told me I was always able to come up with a very good picture using my obsolete digicam, so he got me a newer one of the same brand.

So this photo here is the last picture I took with my old Fujifilm FinePix 1.0 Mega Pixel digicam, which I have now handed to Patrick.

And that photo of flowers is the first I took with my brand-new digicam.

I was teasing him about drooling...his is a 4 MegaPixel Sony. While it took pictures, it was not quick enough to capture snapshots due to high-resolution.

Now, mine has better resolution, and is equipped with the technology to take snapshots without much delay despite the superior quality of photos.

I really love my husband...and my new digicam.

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