Sunday, May 23, 2004

I can still treat and do minor operations here!

Dad called me up early this morning. He accidentally sustained a small cut on his finger, ,and asked me whether I have something here to fix it with. I said I had gauze and anesthesia, but no syringe, no needle, no sutures. He said he thought did not need suturing. So I told him to come so I could take a look at it.
When I saw him, the cut was bandaged already by Mom (quite good!). I starter unwrapping the finger and they warned me that it was bleeding quite profusely. It was quite superficial, actually. And the bleeding had stopped secondary to the pressure and the platelet plug local reaction at the injury. It was a clean cut. I just had to add antibacterial ointment, wrapped it again with a fresh sterile gauze, putting more padding on the wound site, giving instructions to come back tomorrow same time to replace the gauze. I had no worry about the wound.
After that, Dad hugged me, told me this was the first time he hugged his doctor. He was thankful that I am now here, that it was so handy to have a doctor available always. Then he shared stories about how he had watched as vets treated and/or operated on animals. I learned that I could buy syringes and needles without prescription (common to buy those because there are a lot of farmers who use them on the cows and chickens and pigs). Plus, his aunt has been an RN for 30 years now, and had access to antibiotics and other medical supplies. Wow! My eyes were twinkling! I could still "practice" my profession (although limited to friends and families only) without having the need to get a license! That is just so great! Because then I would have a means to treat simple-to-manage illnesses like pneumonia, UTI, pharyingitis, otitis media, etc. and that would mean a more cost-effective medical management, and a lot cheaper! Oh, God is really good...

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