Wednesday, November 10, 2004

My Blog on Our House... a way for me to document how we slowly build our house, with our own hands, using our own skills (well, primarily my husband's).

But hubby, upon knowing that I am blogging about it, and whenever I report to him how another person has been impressed by it, his eyes would glow...So it was another way for me to show to my hubby how proud I am of him. He might not be a professional...he's "just" a high-school graduate with some college courses in engineering robotics, yet I can honestly say that he has a brain that has a lot of stored knowledge and still has lots of potentials. He can learn anything that he puts his heart into. That, to me, is a very good gauge of intelligence: the capacity to learn and retain information. There was even a time I blogged about me telling my kids to try to learn as much as they can from us (their parents) while they are with us. I never told them to study hard to be a professional. I just see that education is another screwed-up institution wherever.

Another purpose is to update my family back in PI how we are sloooooowly building our house. Initially, just so we can share our excitement with them, but now, also so that they may know that we have our own expenses to think about. Recently my sister and mother informed me that they have renovated their house upon the prodding of several relatives from the province. They borrowed money from my aunt and grandmother in California and spent around P100,000 already. Now they want to rent out spaces to students and are contemplating on offering laundry job and cooking to them, asking now some money from me and my sister in Canada for capital. I have no work yet, and we are still tight financially, especially with our unfinished house which we also want finished. Did they think I could just dip my hand into my pocket and pull out a thick wad of $$$??? Even if I did work, I would not work for them, but mainly for my family, so that we (especially my kids) can live a decent (not luxurious) life.

One offshoot of my tahanan blog is that Gary seems inspired to work on the house as rapidly yet carefully as he can, knowing that people all around the world might get a glimpse of it. This is the best part for me.

My hubby may not always be able to take me out because of our house...he always apologizes and promises that when it is done, we can spend more time going out. I don't know if he understands that whenever I go out and come back to the house, I stare in amazement and wonder of how my hubby could almost single-handedly build this "castle". My chest swells and almost explodes with unexplained elation (words will never be enough to convey the emotions I feel) thinking "THIS IS MY HOUSE..."It may not be much to other people, but to me, it is probably the best gift a husband could ever give to his wife.

And he wonders why I almost never ask him anything aside from groceries kept to the minimum...

Oh I love my husband so much.


Dutched Pinay on Expatriation said...

manang, holaaaaaaaa :-)

i used this blog as my link in my blog kasi mas bagay than the kusina... am more interested on your ramblings this time lol. saka ur kusina has a link in this blog which is great.

the links pala to your house in this entry doesnt work.

saka tama tita, you are working for yourself, your own family and not your second family in pinas. they should understand that na di pa nga tapos yung bahay nyo.

Anonymous said...

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- Daniel