Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Applying for NCLEX

This post is for those who, like me, have joined the bandwagon of MD-RNs and are already in the US, trying to see the fastest way to get licensed. I first saw the "quickest way" in a forum but that pointed out to the NY way for those who are residing abroad.

I asked about my case, because I am already a permanent resident. And the suggestion by the generous lady there was for me to inquire at Vermont instead of NY, which I did. I went to the and clicked on the drop down menu for nursing, then clicked on application link for foreign nurses. I emailed the contact personnel.

Here was the exchange of emails:


Dear Ms. Patty Sartelle:

I am a Filipino immigrant who finished my nursing course in October 2003 in the Philippines, but did not have enough time to take the licensure examination there because of immigration processing. I now hold a permanent resident status and would like to pursue a career in nursing here.

I visited your website to see the requirements for foreign nurses, but one of them is the license from the country of origin. Kindly advise me on the next step I should take to proceed.

Appreciatively yours,

You have up to 5 years to take the exam. If you took you nursing courses in English than you may qualify to take the exam. The application is on the web at go to drop down bar, nursing and the application that you need is foreign exam/endorsement – where it calls for licensure just put the date you graduated and that you never took the exam in the Philippines. Pat


Dear Ms. Sartelle:

I have browsed over the application instructions, and I have a question about #3 where the nursing school is to complete the" Verification of Education" form and it says to return the form along with a certified copy of the Transcript. My question is, will the school return the form to you, or will I have to ask them to return it to me first then I will include these with the other documents that I will submit to your office?

Thank you for your patience.


I prefer that they return it to you and you forward the complete application onto me. Pat

So I have asked my friend AJ in the PI (another MD-RN) to process my papers (the application form from Vermont BON site) and send them to me. I then submitted my Application, the fee ($150 on check), the TOR, and then later, they asked for my documents showing hours of lab and theoreticals (which was what we termed in PI as RLS - related learning subjects?). I should have included those in the first place, but it was not mentioned in the application instructions, so I did not think of it. I included other documents that would prove my identity since my name on the TOR was different from my present name.

It took them about a total of 1month to process everything (considering the delay regarding my RLS, that was fast!). When I received my approval to sit for NCLE, I was instructed to register at Pearson-Vue ($200) then to mail them back a form to tell them that I had registered. Then they would send a notice to PV about my eligiblity to sit for the NCLEX, then I could schedule my test.

So now, puspusan ako with my NCLEX review (dilly-dally kasi eh!)

I bought the following books from amazon:

More books (USMLE, Kaplan, etc.) are available at amazon. You can search for new and used ones using the below search engine.


Anonymous said...

Hi!Manang!I'm the lady from Ohio,asking you about the NCLEX.Here's my e-mail'm looking forward for your response.I'm thankful that I surf the net and found your website.You've been a great help to a lot of people,from your recipes to different topics..which I find very interesting.I even told my husband about your site ,not only that I'll send it to all the filipinas in our area.Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

hi manang!i first encountered your blogs from the pinoymd site...about guns which interests me coz i was practice shooting then with other pinay mds...then i went to your kusina,garden and ffupd your mt experiences then driving then nclex-rn.its like am looking at the possibilities i can do when i will be there coz am also an MDRN.your blogs helped a lot.God can reach me at thanks too to the one who gave the golden advice about CRNA.

Anonymous said...

hi manang!what are going to do with your books? i mean the nclex in pinas,how much kaya to inherit them?am still waiting for my CA eligibility.

Manang said...

hi arstabmd, Nice to meet you! I added your name to my contact list, but not quite sure what to discuss...hehehe.
hi anonymous, I brought my nclex reviewers to my sis in Canada (I am staying here from dec 1-16) because she is still studying for it. She is in Burnaby, which is nearer to California compared to Maine. Anyway, there are a lot of used books in Where do you plan to take your nclex?

aars said...

hi manang!i applied wd CABON but dont have ATT yet.since am in pinas i might take the exam either in HK or happy for you...the successful juggling of different roles and still have space to share ideas with others.thanks for the pinoy recipes a manang too...i still work in a hosp in the province while self-reviewing nclex,parttime teaching,mother of 4 teens and no katulong at home.i was once wondering if i can tackle mt at home when i read your blog but maybe not coz i need to focus on nclex this looking fwd to your blogs when you start RN work.God bless :-)
p.s. how can i reach you by email?

Manang said...

I do agree you have to focus on your NCLEX, because MT can be very addicting when you already earn easy money (easy job, high pay for MTs based in Pinas, although the same cannot be said for MTs here in US). Mababawasan lang lalo ang attention mo for review. Unahin mo na nang makaalis. Then work on getting your family.
Best of luck to you. Mabuhay ang mga Nanay! You can reach me though

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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