Friday, May 05, 2006

Online Businesses

My number #1 online business at present is offering my service as medical transcription quality assurance to MT companies as an independent contractor (self-employed).  IC is a glorified term for those who are "employed" without benefits.  The only perk in this job, aside from not having to travel and wear make up and buy a new set of wardrobe annually or every season, is that I get to set my own hours (that depends on the MT company, though).  Realistically speaking, it is still a sort of twisted employee-employer situation (twisted to benefit the employer).

# 2:  I recently signed up for an online business that revolves around promoting the GDI web hosting services by having my own domain/website  Sign up is free, and the service is free for a trial period of 7 days.

I am not really a business person -- I am not out to try to rake in as much money as I can.  But, after seeing and the Pinoys already involved in this business, I could see that it could be a good way for Filipinos to earn $$ without leaving the Philippines.

My sister who was a probee call center agent has found the end of her contract before this month ends.  When I talked to her about the business, she thought it might be what would save her and her children (and what would save me from feeling guilty if I would not be able to send more than I could afford to send).

And I thought it could be a good way for me to provide her a chance to be self-sufficient, instead of waiting for my monthly "padala."

For those who will be interested in this, please go to and enter manangkusinera in the access code field.  Watch the DVD and the Pinoys' testimonials.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

#3.  Another online income generator by means of blogs is joining the network of advertisers.  In my case, as evident in this post, not only am I making use of the Qumana blogging tool to make posting easier, but also to take part in their advertising scheme where I might be able to generate income by promoting websites of products related to my post.

#4. Also, I am considering of putting up an online store using my website.  I am not sure yet what to offer (suggestions would be welcome).  I just know I would not want to sell food items, as that involves a complicated set of regulations to follow (in the same way that health professions are highly regulated).  I have looked into the process of putting up an online store (filing application at the town office for "Doing Business As" and applying for a license to resell, then signing up an account with paypal to facilitate online payments).

All these are potential sources of income without me having to spend every waking moment working.

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