Thursday, May 04, 2006


I have just finished editing this report.

This is why I have long since decided to be anti-circumcision and pro-intactness...There are many more other untold stories.  I myself have seen some tragic outcomes, and I could only wonder how the boy would grow up to be...Tags: , , ,

PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS:  Circumcision complication.

POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS:  Circumcision complication.

OPERATION:  Reconstructive penoplasty surgery complex.

INDICATIONS AND FINDINGS:  This 2-day-old baby boy underwent a Gomco-type circumcision earlier in the day.  Had persistent and intermittent bleeding and silver nitrate was applied.  We found that the inner prepucial skin was still in place on the glans penis.  Approximately half of the urethral meatus was exposed, but the remainder of the glans remained covered by the inner prepucial skin.  The outer penile shaft skin had approximately 1-cm length on the dorsum, but on the ventrum was possibly only 1 to 2 mm from penoscrotal junction.  By report, a Gomco clamp had been used with a 1.1 diameter "bell" and explanation has to be that a partial dorsal slit was performed and the bell portion of the Gomco clamp must have been inadvertently placed between the prepucial skin layers.

For a picture of Gomco clamp, go to  You will also learn more about the horrors of circumcision.

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