Friday, January 14, 2011

Hives again

Rarely a year comes without me suffering from some form of skin allergy manifestation. Usually it is something environmental, and would happen anytime from spring to fall. This time it is winter, and the only culprits I can pinpoint were possibly (1) the colossal shrimps I got from WalMart and ate for supper on that night the rashes appeared or (2) the clindamycin which I had been taking since 1/1/11. That was the second time I ate that brand/type of shrimps. The only other things I ate that supper were fruit cocktail (canned, plus fresh apples and kiwis, with the dressing made with condensed milk, cream cheese and mayonnaise -- nothing suspicious and nothing new to me), and a Knorr brand fetuccine alfredo which I cooked with bacon. I doubt that the pasta and the flavoring that came with it caused my hives. No new soaps or shampoos or perfume that would correlate with the appearance of this rash.

1/11/11 first night of rash on torso

So, since 1/11/11 (10 days after my first dose of clundamycin), I have had the hives, which has rapidly spread now all over my skin that you will only see pinpoints of normal skin amidst the red skin. I feel tight and, of course, itchy, although the itch this time is nothing compared to my itch that happened in 2008. It was not that itchy so I could sleep okay. In fact, with Benadryl's help, I can sleep very well.

1/14/11 fourth  day of rash on torso

I am just worried that the hives keep getting worse even after 3 days already, despite taking benadryl and zyrtec. I decided to visit my PCP for a prednisone prescription perhaps, and I did get that prescription. The doctor thinks it is the clindamycin that caused it. Now, if this subsides by Monday, probably I can proceed with my CAT scan on Tuesday, and my follow up appointment with the surgeon on Wednesday for a possible FNAB.

1/14/11 rash on my left arm

It's a good thing my allergies manifest only on the skin and not on the airways.

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