Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Neck Mass = Lymphadenitis

I have been suffering from body malaise since Christmas, with some lymph nodes enlarged. However, on the day of the blizzard, 12/27/2010, my lymph nodes enlarged suddenly to this size after I slept for about 4 hours from 8am-12nn.
So I went to my PCP and was seen by Dr. Lambke. He did some tests (CBC, sed rate and cat-scratch) and basically found nothing. I was scheduled to see Dr. Shankar for assessment (he's the head of surgery at RFGH) on 1/5/11. However on 1/1/11, after my 12-hr duty, I had fever, and another set of CBC, sed rate, plus chest AP-lat were done. I was started on clindamycin. I had ato see Dr. Forster on 1/3/11 for increase in my clindamycin dose because it was prescribes as OD when it should have been q6h. She increased my dose and even extended the treatment to 10 days.

My lymph nodes are better now, and I was supposed to have the CAT scan done, after Dr. Shankar saw me last 1/5/11. However, because of rashes that started yesterday, it was postponed for 1/18, hopefully by the time I would have no more rashes.
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