Monday, July 12, 2004

Gary got an e-mail from Moe, asking him (2nd time) what he would expect for a salary (he badly wants Gary to be the one hired, as he would no longer need training. They had been working together before, Gary on the client side (New Balance) and Moe on the supplier side. I came up to Gary's new office and saw him contemplating on how to answer Moe. If he would say a realistic 40K, he was afraid Moe might be able to defend that to the employer, and GAry might get the job, but Gary is not so sure whether he would want that because the traveling involved is just exhausting (he has carsickness) and he doesn't want to be away from home all the time. If he asked for 50K, Moe might think he is not at all serious...Dunno what he eventually wrote (I left him alone after he gave me a brief lecture on new motherboards and new video-related hardware that involved GPX that he had been suggesting to NB and is now currently used in the latest machines that OriSol (Moe's company) uses. He needed that release.)

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