Thursday, July 01, 2004

Nade-depress ako...napakababa ng offer ke Gary...24K. Ano insulto?....Hindi naman sya baguhan sa ganong trabaho. Naiiipit nga yung tumawag sa kanya (na alam kung ano ang capabilities ni Gary). Kaya nga si Gary ang una nyang naisip tawagan kesa mag-ad kasi hindi na nya kelangan turuan. Pero ang management syempre ang nagbigay ng figures. Tataas din daw later (syempre, pero kelan? after 1 year? 2 years?). Hindi sulit kung lagi syang out-of-town away from us. September, pag nakakuha ako ng trabaho, baka pa-stayin ko na lang sya sa bahay, mag-full time na lang ako. Tapusin na lang nya ang bahay namin. (Binalak nya kung maganda sana ang pay sa job offer, magha-hire sya ng tatapos sa finishing touches, mga nitty-gritty na no one would really want to deal with. AT least if I will have a good-paying job, hindi na kami magha-hire. Sya na lang ang gagawa. Siguro naman wala pang 1 year yung makakuha ako ng magandang trabaho. Then I will try MT. Then I will work at home, on my computer.

I feel so low-spirited...


baguiogirl said...


Huwag kang mabahala. As long as kayong dalawa don't put money ahead of your relationship, I'm sure you'll make it through. Being a La Salette alam ko, you're a Baptist, ako naman Catholic but we both pray to our own God and when we do, he'll not let us slip through. Also, Ihope you can work on your license so you can go back to your profession (My Uncle in Houston worked on his and my cousins in New Jersey are practicing MDs). Alam mo compared to other MDs sa US, wala silang binabayaran na student loans kasi nga educated sila sa Phils. It takes a lot of effort nga lang(and a lot of moolah too :-). But I am sure it will pay off. Huwag lang unahin ang financial ambisyon and our God will see us through. Hala sige, huwag nang ma depress.

Manang said...


Thanks for the words of ecouragement.

Actually I was born to parents who are Catholic but not devout. I stopped going to church when I was in high school, because I was not satisfied with what I had been observing. Bible studies also did not give the answers to the many questions popping in my head. I just stopped believing in religion per se, but not in God/Creator/Force.

If you had been reading Sassy's posts re her religious beliefs, we are so much alike.

I found the right term for my kind of "religion" when I finally met others on the net that have the same beliefs. So now I can say that I am an agnostic Christian.

And I did not come from La Salette talaga. It was just the nursing school that I attended, but they sent representatives to Manila to negotiate with nurses in San Lazaro to hold classes there. We went to Isabela for the Community Nursing. BTW, how did you get to that?

baguiogirl said...


With your spinach presentation, I assumed you were Ilocana(that's how my mom used to serve hers). And then when you said you're from Isabela, I then assumed you're a La Salette. I have friends here from La Salle and they all are Baptists (I'm not quite sure about that now). A certain batch met here at our place (by accident) and were they ever prayerful!! No offense meant if you are an agnostic Christian. 'just thought maybe I could ease your sadness by dropping you that message. It was from my heart of course. Wish you well.