Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Why I did not consider a Filipino for my second husband

During my board review, a close male friend told me: "tataas na value mo kasi magkakalicense ka na, mahihirapan ka na maghanap ng asawa". I had to remind him that I was a widow with two sons. "Oo nga pala no?"

Yeah, being a widow with two sons was sort of a stigma to shun away potential suitors. I could only imagine the DOMs and the widower were the only guys who would consider having me as a wife seriously. Single young men would easily turn away if they knew I had two sons (it's just too hard to raise kids, more so if not yours). Any man who would want to be my bf then were suspects in taking adavantge of my vulnerability, baka paglaruan lang ako, baka isipin "sabik" lang ako dahil nakatikim na...I was too cautious of these Filipino men.

Aside from those factors, I have dated with several of them...those men whose age were close to mine I actually found so immature and not so mentally/intellectually stimulating. Minsan mayabang ang dating porke maganda ang tinapos, pero ampaw pala ang utak. I got tired of them. I seriously considered being a single parent for the rest of my life. But as I have said, circumstances changed that. Later I considered marrying again, BUT NEVER TO another FILIPINO. I wanted an American to be my second husband.

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