Monday, July 26, 2004

Last week, Gary and I planned on an outing for next week because we received news that it would be sunny days on Monday and Tuesday. So he took this week off.
However, last night, the news was changed: it will rain Tuesday and Wednesday.
Blah! We spent the whole day today outside: me at my gardens (flower and veggie), him doing the sidings of our house, and baling hay (Dad cut the hay earlier). There was a sense of urgency among us. Oh yes, I now understand that feeling of trying to do everything you can on a sunny day.
I even prevented the kids from staying in front of the TV/computers while we had light outside. Told them they could do those things all they want the next days to follow.
We had to re-schedule our beach outing to Thursday. I hope this time it will truly be sunny as promised by the weather forecasters...

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