Monday, July 12, 2004

Last night Gary had to bring back Juliana to her other house.
When Gary arrived back, I was preparing our supper. I kissed him, then we hugged. He started talking while continued with my cooking...
On the way back he did some analysis..he compared his life before and now...said he loves coming home now. In his past marriage, he would come home with everything in disarray. (He and Julie would alternate cooking supper; he always was the one to do some cleaning.) He said he really really appreciate the change that I brought upon his life (while gazing intently and sincerely into my eyes)...
My heart melted for him. I reached out to him and hugged him. Told him I am glad that he is happy.

During supper he fleetingly mentioned about me "addicted to the internet". Well, he maybe thought I was on the internet thw whole day yesterday because he came home with me sitting infront of my computer. (it was raining the whole day). But hey, I worked for a long time outside the other the heat of the afternoon I was hoeing the potatoes!) Well, when he finally mentioned that the potatoes needed hoeing (I was about to do it the other night; he was rotatilling the garden, noticed that the spinach have bolted, so I harvested the spinach and attended to them til midnight instead.) So he was surprised when I told him I already hoed the potatoes.
I have always been dubbed as a silent worker by my closest friends (and groupmates in school).

anyway, because of his declaration about coming home now as better than ever, I was motivated to clean today! (Actually I started last night with the lavatory and the toilet. I do so every week or so anyway...)
So today I dusted almost everything, vacuumed corners, tidied up my desk and his, segregated the magazines and piled them neatly, of course I swept the floor from upstairs down, did some scrubbing with soapy cloth on the hard cement floor...
It was 4 pm when I finally got on the internet.

Gosh, I have been sort of addicted to posting in because I found people of the same tribe as mine! (Walang eklat, that is...) I have been spending less on building my foodblog. Oh well, I will have plenty of time in the winter,..unless I continue with the knitting lessons with Ana.(I enjoy blogging more, though.)

Ger warned me about the posts...geesh...if I will create enemies more than friends in the forum, I might as well go back to being just manang -- blogging away my thoughts, read by any who would care to listen to my ramblings...

See, I have this need to journal, but also, I want to share myself with others. Though some people claim that internet fosters building gaps between people (them spending more time on the computer rather than with people, I think the reverse is true. Finding people with the same values as I have was faster on the net. And it has always been a safer avenue in making new acquaintances -- I don't have to meet them in person if I don't like them; I can just go offline to shut them off my life. I can easily choose my circle of friends without really badly hurting others.

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